But My Clients Are Different…They Don’t Read Newsletters

But my mortgage marketing clients are differentThere are cases where someone might know a person so well that they can make a claim like this, but in most cases it’s simply not true.

I’ve had potential clients say this. They come to us wanting to increase their market share and put a hedge around their client base. They understand the power of direct marketing, the influence that newsletters have, they’ve seen them work for others, but become agitated by the idea of having to fulfill the needs of a monthly newsletter.

Then like any other ego-driven response they say, “But my clients are different…” followed by:

  • They wouldn’t like to read things
  • They don’t like to get things in the mail
  • I know all my clients and they won’t read a newsletter
  • My clients don’t have time to read mail
  • I don’t want to bug them too often
  • I don’t have time to write
  • I really just want to set-it-and-forget it

In most cases, none of these things are true. I briefly mentioned ego. Suffice it to say I’ve written extensively about this, but to make it brief, ego will try to hide the problem of being able to write, rather than just ask for help.

Well, at Exodus, we don’t want you to waste any time pretending that what works for everyone else won’t work for you, because of a special circumstance with your clients that makes them impervious to the human condition.

That’s why we offer the Content Help Service. For those that don’t have the gift of creative writing, we spend 5-7 minutes asking a few basic questions, both business and personal (don’t worry, not too personal) and from those answers we write the personalization for you. And it’s completely free, as often as you need help.

Don’t make the mistake of NOT being involved with your communication to your clients.
ALWAYS be part of the process, otherwise it tends to get phony and pitchy and your sphere of influence doesn’t want to be pitched. Loan officer marketing doesn’t work that way.

Mailing list accuracy is paramount. By utilizing our Change Of Address Service, your mailing list will be accurate with in 2 weeks of the Post Office’s records. The COA Service is used to compare your mailing list against the United States Postal Services – Change of Address database and returns to us a new address along with the month and year that the move occurred. It requires that the initial address is correct and that the addressee submitted a Change of Address / Mail Forwarding Request with their local post office.

Mail Service

Your newsletters are complimented by our state of the art mailing service. This invaluable convenience costs less than the cost of a postage stamp and includes folding, tabbing, sorting, and of course the inevitable trip to the post office. Once your newsletters are personalized, approved, printed and folded, the mailing process begins. Your mailing list is submitted, through our secure online server. We provide a complete turnkey solution to keep your mortgage marketing or real estate marketing efforts consistent, on time and with no hassles or worries.


Content Help What is it and how much does it cost?

What is it?: Since not everyone knows how to write we offer the content help service. It is no more than a 5-7 minute conversation with your layout rep. Not a questionnaire or forms you need to fill out. Your layout representative asks a handful of business and personal related questions. Nothing too serious however we use the answers to write the personalization for you. It works extremely well and often inspires things to share with your clients that you might not have thought of or were unsure would be worth while. Most people realize they’re just reflecting back on the last 30 days or so.

What does it cost?: Nothing, we gladly help you for free. We want nothing more than your newsletter to be successful. Simply put, your success is synergistic with our success.