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What does it mean when someone says mortgage marketing? Marketing is the collection of actions and processes that contribute to the sale of a product or service. Not all products and services are the same. Marketing for the Loan Officer is different than cell phone marketing. Facebook and Twitter sell ads and only the impulse purchases are going to be the winners. So whats different between mortgage marketing in direct contrast to the world of marketing? Well the nature of the loan product is different than retail marketing. A sandwich shop can offer specials daily, weekly, monthly etc. But the loan officer can’t. No one jumps off the couch and declares that they are in the mood for another one of those good old fashioned Fannie Mae loans!

Loans aren’t small ticket items and if you market them like a small ticket item you’ll get dismal results. Most of the mortgage marketing options are CRM packages, email campaigns, Facebook packages, automated twitter and Facebook posts, fake twitter followers and they all tout the same process of Set-It-And-Forget-It! Fake skits and videos that if you look at the resulting views are sad and unimpressive. Who has interest in a weekly market report other than the LO? Think about that. Not to say that the information isn’t good. It is, but remember who it is your are communicating to with this content. If you are a Broker, a Loan Officer or maybe you wear all that hats including janitor, customer service, etc., there’s no time for a mortgage marketing plan and that’s why you don’t have one.

Because loans, refis and home sales are their big ticket items, you really don’t need one that’s overly task heavy and there’s plenty of things coming down the pike almost daily that claim to do the same old thing in yet another new way.

Since most Loan Officers don’t have a marketing background in most cases they’ll use what we affectionately call “The Bump Into Method” which is TRY THIS – TRY THAT and hope you bump into something that works. Unfortunately it never happens that way and resources get dumped into schemes rather than what works. This is because the approach is all wrong. Mortgage marketing definition Simply put, loans aren’t a low ticket high impulse purchase. They’re not sexy, entertaining nor edible. They are necessary, but in the same way a root canal is necessary. So remember, the only thing you have left after the loan closes is your relationship to your client. If you continue to try to market them like a borrower you’ll continue to sell the wrong thing. Everyone’s trying to sell themselves, but you can’t do it by selling programs or academic prowess so you need to STOP DOING THAT!

Mortgage marketing isn’t effective if you still see your past clients as borrowers. Technically, they’re debtors and most if not all of them aren’t doing another loan for a while. If you continually send them industry rates and programs and insist on talking to them about how good you, you’ll lose their interest in you. This is why referrals are minimal when they should be constant. Treat them as people. That’s what they are, just like you. Share yourself, share your knowledge and become family. This is the mantra here at Exodus and this is why our clients win month after month. Their clients are important to them, their base grows and the hedge around their client base is secure. Loyalty is maintained and no Quickenloans commercial or “Make the cash call” radio skit can change that. If you treat them like borrowers and try to sell them loans, you lose. So, it doesn’t matter what you call them. It does matter how you treat them along with how you perceive them. They are no longer borrowers. They don’t think like a borrower, they don’t act like a borrower and the last thing they want to do is go through more rates and programs. Especially if they can’t take advantage of them. So stop marketing to them like a borrower. At Exodus, all clients are encouraged to communicate in a real way. Some are great at it and some need help. We have free assistance in place so you never have to sit with your head in your hands wondering what to say. Most come to realize that you come to realize that you’re reflecting back on the last 30 days and sharing it with your sphere of influence. This is all it takes, there’s no magic, there’s no secret. This is what our content help service is for. And this is why mortgage marketing with Exodus is successful. What you want is your phone ringing with questions about refinances and family member that have questions and need loan help. The economy is scary enough, by sharing yourself, your knowledge and becoming family, those who don’t understand the economy or who need direction on how to buy their next home will come to you because you’re available, approachable, professional,down-to-earth and most importantly the family trusts you! Everyone likes that and everyone shares that if they find it. This is what Exodus Mortgage Marketing is all about. Look around the website, check out the samples, if you have a question, feel free to email or call us, we’re always here to help with questions and to give as much information as you need to truly come to grips on the direction of your marketing and whats going to make you the most money over the longest period of time. You might also consider spending a few minutes taking advantage of our Free Marketing Needs Assessment. We’ll take a short but in depth survey of what you’ve done, what you’re currently doing, your view of what marketing is and show you where and more importantly why some things work and others done. Free Marketing Needs Assessment - for mortgage marketing that works!

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