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Turn past clients into a referral source that lasts a lifetime!

Frustrated With Your Marketing? It's time to build a referral strategy you can truly rely on.

Having past clients as ambassadors for you and your business is the easiest thing to do! Referrals come from people connected to you and that happens when you maintain the relationship you developed during the sale and finance process.  Doing a great job doesn’t keep that relationship alive. You have to Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge, and Become Family. Book a discovery call and we’ll show you just how easy it is.

Learn the secrets that generate referrals consistently
month after month, year after year

You're In Good Company...

Real client experiences in their own words

"I have been using Exodus Marketing to handle my newsletters since 2017. They collaborate with me to create an effective product that I am proud of every single month. In today’s online world, my newsletter is a throwback that my clients and friends really appreciate. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they read the whole thing every month. My business is booming and I owe a lot of that to marketing through my newsletter and Exodus Marketing. If you want to talk to me directly, call me at 360-386-3560."
Mortgage marketing - real estate marketing testimonial
Howard Bono
Originator, Evergreen Home Loans
Great Experience! Great Staff Return on investment 400%!
Mortgage marketing client - Exodus lender marketing
Fred Goncher
Mortgage Broker, Backyard Mortgage
Thank you for the newsletter because it has really generated phone calls, and we have been busy with our refinance business. Everybody enjoys it. And they are reading it. I didn’t think people would want to hear about my personal life, but you (the Content Department) do a beautiful job helping me communicate my heart for what I do and my love for our community, veterans, and my clients. I have already added the Exodus Marketing newsletter to my plan for next year.
Griselda Gandara
Originator, Plaza Residential Mortgage
Exodus Marketing IS mortgage referrals!

More about Referrals...

Like you, a large portion of our clients are sent by referral so we know exactly why referrals are so important. 

It’s a very simple process, give us the name and phone number of someone you think would benefit from the newsletters and we’ll give you a $100 credit on your next newsletter once they sign up. 

It’s that simple and there’s no time or quantity limit. You can refer as many colleagues as you like, whenever you like.

Refer two in a month, get $200 off your next issue. If you have more credit  than your next issue costs, the overage carry’s over to next newsletter issue. 

Click the “Submit Referral” button once this window closes to send us one.

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2 Color vs 4 Color Personalization

2 Color Option
The 2-Color personalization option has the same layout as
the 4-Color option.

Both newsletter
options are full 4-Color.

The personalized areas on the 2-color are in Black & White.
4 Color Option
The 4-Color personalization option has the same layout as
the 2-Color option.

Both newsletter
options are full 4-Color.

The personalization can
now be 4-Color. This also adds the ability of replacing our front page article with your own on any issue if you'd like.

(Add 59.00 per issue)

What are Extras?

are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Reasons to add Extras:
► Hand them out to referral partners
► Have newsletters available for open houses
► Make them available in the reception area

Extras can be added or removed at any time on the client dashboard – (Minimum 5pcs)

The purpose of this form is to provide you with the costs of using a newsletter. When comparing direct marketing to all other forms of marketing for LO’s and Realtors, the properly personalized newsletter is far more effective at generating referrals.This is not an order form. It’s a price-quote tool that will email you the price quote. Please feel free to use it or pass it on to anyone who might have similar interest in successfully increasing referrals. To your success!

– The Exodus Marketing Team
The amount of records in your client database determines the number of newsletters printed, not including any Extras you decide to add to the overall total. Extras are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Price Per Piece

The pricing matrix to the right shows that as the number of newsletters goes up, the price per piece goes down. In other words, the discounts are built into the system.
As you create your quote, the pricing will include the discount based on the total amount of newsletters in your database, in addition to any Extras you add. With 100 newsletters mailed directly to your client base, plus 25 Extras shipped directly to you, the total newsletter qty comes to 125. From 100 to 149 newsletters the Price Per Piece is .82 cents. As your market share grows and it reaches each pricing level, the Price Per Piece discount is automatically applied.

Newsletter Price

The pricing matrix also shows total price as Quantity x Price Per Piece.

The Newsletter Price is the mailing database plus any Extras multiplied by the Per Piece Price.


Total Postage

Total Postage is the total database size
multiplied by the current rate of postage. 

Federal Express Ground Shipping

When you add Extras to your newsletter campaign, we need want to be sure they are delivered promptly and trackable. Therefore ALL Extras are shipped FedEx Ground at a fixed discount cost of $9.50 regardless of the amount of Extras you request.

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