Why is the word “Marketing”

such an ugly word? It’s not a Death Pledge!


Mortgage Marketing - Marketing is an ugly word“Marketing.” What an ugly word. The question is why is it so ugly? Many don’t realize that “Mortgage” is even scarier! “Mort” in Old French (“Mortuus” in Latin) means “Death” and “Gage” is French for “Pledge.” My goodness, it’s a death pledge!

While this ugliness isn’t really what it seems — for example, it’s a pledge until death as homes are very expensive and take a while to pay off — the owner or pledge holder might pass away while still responsible for the pledge or debt, and, of course, you probably know all about this.

The word “marketing” suffers a similar fate, but with far worse consequences. While the root words and origins of the word “marketing” are really neither here nor there for the purpose of this writing, what IS important is the impact the word has on so many.

Anyone I’ve spoken with regarding any manner of marketing has heard me talk about the lack of marketing information available to the loan officer or real estate agent, and a Google search yields many interesting, yet uninformative results.

I often talk about the “set-it-and-forget-it” style of marketing programs out there that are merely “breakage” type programs. A breakage program is like a travel voucher that winds up being a timeshare presentation. The invitations or “vouchers” are purchased for 50 cents apiece, and then valued at $299, but more on that another time.

As it relates to mortgage marketing or real estate marketing, inboxes and LinkedIn® are replete with constant messages about how people are going to the Internet to find loan officers, and this is, frankly, a myth. If you, a loan officer or real estate agent, go to the Internet RIGHT NOW and search, what are you going to search for? ‘Your name’? ‘Mortgage’?, ‘Mortgage + Your Name’?  This is why “marketing” is such an ugly word; because it doesn’t include communication, relationships, family, trust, or any of the things that it’s supposed to mean. It’s an ugly word because those who offer marketing services claim to know a secret that you can have if you just buy a program, pay for a magical system or whatever the Guru can get you to invest in (see my article on Marketing Gurus). When this happens, the benefits of marketing are all but destroyed, leaving us with the ugly word, as we understand it today. As if the actual power of relationships and the value of communication are no longer important vs. the speed and power of the marketers’ false meaning of the word marketing (Marketer; now there’s another ugly word, and maybe we’ll look at this in a future article).

People aren’t looking for ways to avoid going to the mailbox. Email is not a replacement for going out to get the mail. In fact, people love going to get the mail and receiving things that aren’t bills or junk. Don’t you? Think about it, if you open your mail and see your friend’s face on it, knowing that what they sent you is actually from them, you’ll read it! However, if you receive the same old thing from this so-called friend, and it says what it ALWAYS says, for example, “Call Me!” or “Historically Low Rates!” or “I Work on Referrals!” etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum, it’s not genuine, and you won’t bother reading it!

This is what makes “marketing” an ugly word. Where the end result is disingenuous and filled with impersonal, empty content. You need to be that friendly face that shows up in your client’s mailbox. Friends become ambassadors. Ambassadors refer people to you. You need to turn your clients into ambassadors for you and your business.

Simply put, set-it-and-forget-it marketing schemes normally offering magical, data-rich charts and graphs, featuring …and here comes the buzzword phrase… “Valuable Content” typically have nothing to do with you OR your clients. Now it’s just another “marketing program” that makes all marketing look… well… UGLY!  And they don’t create ambassadors or build relationships.

And that’s saying nothing about the poor quality of the marketing scheme you’ve been sold. If your marketing is only about you and your convenience, and not about your clients’ needs and your availability to them, then you’re vulnerable to the marketer’s marketing plan. That’s ugly!

You see, marketing isn’t an ugly word at all. It’s a beautiful word, especially when it’s done right.

On our website, in our literature, and in talking to anyone here at Exodus Marketing, including ALL of our customers, we freely share the secret to marketing, which is…

Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge, Become Family.

That’s the secret!

Give us a call or contact us by email through the -contact us- link above, and I’ll show you what I mean.

— Keith Shapiro