Mortgage Marketing at it’s finest!

Mortgage Marketing at it's finest

Here is an example of mortgage marketing at it’s very finest. In this example you’ll see that Josh understands how to market to his client base. You have to communicate with your client base in a real way. Josh has done a stellar job writing his newsletter personalization, and doing this isn’t very hard. Below are two examples that show the results of the marketing efforts that he puts into his client base!

The first one (on the left) is Josh Mettle’s newsletter from June 2012 announcing the “Client Appreciation Event.” The second example (on the right) is the July newsletter showcasing how the event went.

This is a fantastic turn out! Josh has been marketing to his sphere-of-influence with us since late 2006. Through the tough times, through Dodd-Frank, through the implementation of that dark day April 1, 2010 and the MLO Compensation rules.

No matter what, Josh NEVER neglects to maintain his relationship with his clients! You should never allow the marketing to suffer! Because when you do, so does the business! Josh doesn’t have that problem…

One of the unspoken truths about this type of personalization is that many won’t admit that they just don’t know how to do it! You don’t need to worry. We have a process that only takes about 5 minutes. It’s called the Content Help Service and it’s a simple interview that takes about 5 minutes.