Mortgage Newsletters – How to Stay Connected to Your Clients and Generate More Leads

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Whether you call them, Mortgage Newsletters, Mortgage Flyers, Mortgage Marketing Newsletters, Mortgage Marketing Materials, Mortgage Marketing Tools, there’s so many different names for them that they start to sound a like different items and you’ll have to approach each item differently. Remember that there’s one thing that’s common to all of these different names but oddly uncommon in mortgage marketing approaches. Consider the following scenario…

Husband: “What was the name of the guy who we did our mortgage with?”
Wife: “I don’t remember, that was what… 5 years ago. Just get out the phone book and or search google and find someone”
Scary, huh. This is what you DON’T ever want to happen. You don’t want your past clients to forget you. …If they forget you, you lose business and this happens all the time!

Q: But how do you keep this from happening?

A: It’s simple. You put a small amount of effort into staying in contact with your sphere of influence in the most convenient, least expensive, non-invasive, high-impact way that you possibly can.

Because they know you; they trust you and the relationship you developed will maintain as a friendship so long as you don’t…

In other words, you offer your past clients free, valuable information contained within a high-quality, professional, 4-page newsletter. That newsletter always includes your photo, company logo, and contact info. And with the personalization space afforded to you within the Exodus Marketing Newsletter, you have the unique opportunity to communicate with your client base in a way that isn’t available with any other mortgage newsletter or mortgage marketing program anywhere. This mortgage newsletter mailed to your client base every single month.

Why mortgage newsletters are the best option for mortgage marketing

Why mortgage newsletters? When it comes to loan officer marketing, post cards campaigns have a low perceived value because of the limited space available to deliver anything of real value. Email marketing campaigns are notoriously viewed as containing even lower perceived value and, like the post cards, will often be trashed or deleted immediately. (Fact: The vast majority of people in the country sort their mail while standing over the trashcan.) Mortgage newsletters, on the other hand, have a higher perceived value because they contain in-depth, specialized information and more importantly, the relationship that you developed with your client during the loan process is expanded upon in the personalized areas of the newsletter. Not only will the reader benefit from the articles but more importantly, you’ll be reaching out to a client that feels more like you want to share yourself as apposed to just “getting another loan” uner their belt from you. Articles with titles like “How to Boost Your Credit Score,” “How to Sell Your Home Fast in Today’s Challenging Market,” and “Why You Should Refinance NOW” are all designed to attract readers because each of these subjects are important for homeowners to know. That coupled with you sharing yourself as well as your knowledge

Those who receive your monthly mortgage newsletter will not forget you and they are far more likely to recommend you to family, friends and while talking to their neighbor over the backyard fence. Why? Because they know you; the monthly mortgage newsletter that they receive not only reminds them of who you are but if used correctly, gives you the platform to share yourself, share your knowledge and become family. It was you, after all, who helped them secure their most prized possession – you helped them to make the biggest purchase of their lives; you helped them to achieve the American dream of owning a home and the time you spent with them started a trust relationship that can’t be bought, only earned and more importantly, experienced. You are their got to finance connection! You never want to squander that or take it for granted.

While you search for NEW business, our mortgage newsletters keep you connected to your PAST business – your most valuable clients. And when those past clients are ready to refinance to a lower rate or to a shorter term or maybe to even purchase a new home, YOU will be the first person they call. Why? Because they know you; they trust you and the relationship you developed will maintain as a friendship so long as you don’t devalue the idea of staying in touch. True, they may come to understand mortgages and real estate a little better BECAUSE of the information contained in the newsletters, but they will never know as much about mortgages and real estate as you do. You’re the expert and your mortgage newsletters will portray you as the expert. That combined with a consistent flow of communication in a real and human touch way, it’s a winner every time. For that reason, if they have a question after reading one of the articles, YOU are the one they’ll call to ask because you’re their go to financial connection! Obviously and conveniently, your contact info is prominently displayed on the front and back of the mortgage newsletters every single issue. And, don’t forget: Nearly every article purposely directs the reader to contact YOU for more information or to learn more about a particular topic covered by the article.

Our mortgage newsletters are designed to help you build and maintain relationships with your past clients. And relationships built on honest communication result in repeat business and referrals.Mortgage referrals is where the money is! It’s that simple. For more information, contact us today.