About Exodus…

It’s not really about Exodus, it’s really about you getting more referrals.
However, to be completely blunt… it’s about your past client!


Why We Do What We Do…

As it says, it’s not about us, it’s about you getting more referrals through the magic of putting your client in a position that you want to take the time to communicate with them in a real way. The relationships that are developed during the home loan, refi and purchase/sale process are created no matter the difficulty of the transaction. If a file was easy or strenuous, short or long, a relationship happened. The best thing to do after the deal is closed it to maintain the relationship that developed during that process. The Exodus vision and what we’re really all about is maintaining that relationship. There’s no trick or gimmick that’s going to generate referrals from those you’ve helped with the biggest decision of their lives. In the event, the easy road is taken and you neglect that relationship, the amount of referrals that are lost is tragic and you may already be aware of this tragedy by personal experience. Nothing worse than finding out someone referred someone they care about to someone else. The Exodus newsletter is a direct mail marketing piece, and it works better than any other newsletter available on the market today. The reason is simple, we help you Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge, and Become Family!

Exodus is fully versed in digital, social, and automated marketing. At the core of why your current marketing isn’t working is the difference between  small-ticket and large-ticket items.

Loans and Real Estate are large-ticket items. Examples of small-ticket items are: food, electronics, music, self-help courses, etc.

Small ticket items have a “buyer’s journey.” The journey only works if the buyer has a problem that needs a solution or there’s something that the buyer wants.

Without those two, there’s no “buyer’s journey.” Without a buyer’s journey, typical marketing has no impact and you won’t see a return on your marketing investment. It’s really that simple. If you’re unfamiliar with The Buyer’s Journey, you can learn more about it by clicking here

The reason the Exodus newsletter works is the focus on the relationship you started through the real estate or finance process. By sharing yourself, sharing your knowledge and becoming family, you build a hedge around your client base that no one can penetrate.

Imagine getting the referrals you know you should. This is what Exodus is about. Set up a call today and we’ll show you what our clients experience and why you should be sending personalized newsletters to your past clients.

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The paper we use…

Your newsletters are printed on 100 lb. glossy stock, so when your client picks it up and feels it with their fingers, they know they are receiving quality. Your newsletters should make you look professional and enhance your marketing image! We only purchase FSC Certified paper, which means the paper used for your newsletter comes from forests managed by the Forest Stewardship Council. This helps protect the environment.

The equipment we use…

Your newsletters are printed on the finest printing equipment available in the industry today like ABDick, Presstek, Minolta, Morgana Digifold, Baum, and all the latest design and publishing software from the Adobe line of products. In other words, we take the production of your newsletters very seriously on every level. We firmly believe that your newsletters are a heck of a lot more than just ink on paper.


The Staff…

An interesting cast of characters produce, print, design, spell-check, edit, bind, fold, tab, color correct, label, fluff, fold, iron, transport and mail the best newsletters available in the Mortgage and Real Estate industries. With over 100 years of combined real-world sales, marketing, customer service, editing, publishing, and printing experience, you can rest assure that your newsletters are made and handled by hard working American workers who love what they do and are proud to create a fine product. To us it doesn’t matter if you send out 100 newsletters or 10,000. Every single piece and each and every customer at Exodus Marketing Group is as important as the next and we take an enormous amount of pride in what we do, the satisfaction that our work brings our clients, and the success they see.

Most importantly, the Subject…

All the mortgage and real estate articles in the world aren’t enough to build loyalty, commitment, and ambassadorship from your clients. What’s necessary is a SUBJECT, a point of interest. While we possess the ability and skill to produce the industry’s finest mortgage marketing and real estate marketing newsletters, the SUBJECT (if you haven’t figured it out) is YOU. This isn’t said because we want you to feel warm and fuzzy, so you’ll think we’re swell, it’s because it’s you that the client has the relationship with. You or what you are sharing needs to be the focus of every newsletter. Many mortgage and real estate professionals possess a classic misunderstanding of WHO their client is. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that YOU are your client. Believe me, YOU ARE NOT YOUR CLIENT. To think for even a moment that your client sees the home purchase and finance process the way you do is a HUGE mistake. There has to be something for your client to relate to BEYOND your intellect, ability, and your mortgage or real estate prowess that transforms them into ambassadors for you and your business. This is why the SUBJECT is so important. This is why YOU must become relatable, likable, approachable. And the way to achieve that, through your newsletters, is to strive to always share yourself, share your knowledge, and become family. That is the path to your marketing success with your newsletters!

So to wrap it up…

We take the finest materials, the finest equipment, and the most skilled professionals in marketing, printing, writing, and editing. We then collect the right information about you and provide for consistent and ongoing honest communication between you and your client. This combination of powerful tools and your willingness to share yourself, share your knowledge will, in turn, create ambassadors for you and your business. Helping you to build lasting relationships with your clients is what Exodus Marketing is all about!

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