There’s no higher honor than praise for a job well done!

Here’s a small sampling of LO’s and Realtors we work with.

We’re passionate about client success! Mortgage and Realtor marketing have unique characteristics that most marketing ignores. Experience a successful marketing campaign that generates referrals. Don’t be deprived of the benefits that make direct marketing work by using inferior products that don’t have your best interests in mind

Cheryl FolgmannCheryl FolgmannMarketplace Sotheby’s International Realty

I have been using EXODUS marketing for my newsletters since 2019. I can’t express enough how easy it is to produce a beautiful, information-filled personalized newsletter every other month! Kevin and his team make the process VERY user-friendly and with as much or as little effort as you want to put into it. I am very happy and so glad I pulled the trigger and started using them!

Testimonials 2

Mike Foote 1Summit Lending

The best way to stay in touch with past clients is if they see your face on a consistent basis. If you have many irons in the fire, like myself. Exodus is the way to go. Newsletter are great and get to my clients every month like clockwork!!

Testimonials 2

Cory BohmanCory BohmanGrow Mortgage

I absolutely love the impact that Exodus Marketing Newsletters have had on my business. This monthly outreach doesn’t result in immediate business, but it DOES keep me in front of my past clients in an informative and personal way. And I’m continually surprised by people commenting to me about my newsletter, and things they’ve read or seen going on in my life. And my Realtor partners are impressed by the professional presentation and information that is industry-specific. Exodus Marketing is a valuable tool in my business model, and I am grateful for their partnership!

Testimonials 4

Brian FosterBrian FosterBFF Lending Services

Since I started using the Exodus Marketing newsletter I have seen a pretty significant uptick in past clients reaching out or referring their family and friends. The monthly article that I create is super simple with their assistance.  Most times I don’t even have to edit the wording after we have had our discussion on what the topics and personal information should be. Highly recommended!

Lance WoleslagleLance WoleslagleSkyView Mortgage

Exodus’ newsletters create a touch to our client base that triggers inbound calls – simple as that.

Jacob BurgerJacob BurgerRE/MAX Advantage Realty, Inc.

I’ve been utilizing Exodus Marketing within my business since 2015 and their professionalism and assistance with drafting my newsletter has been fantastic. I highly recommend their services.

Bob ShlaudemanBob ShlaudemanStratis Financial

I started using Exodus Marketing for my client newsletter in early 2013 and have been pleased with the product they produce. In addition to the portion that I can customize, my clients love this newsletter and I constantly receive positive feedback.

Eddie RiosEddie RiosKeller Williams Tri Valley

I’ve been working with Exodus as my printing company for my real estate newsletter, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The quality of their printing is consistently top-notch, and they always deliver on time, no matter how tight the deadline is. I appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to work with me to ensure that every issue of my newsletter looks sharp and professional. Thanks to Exodus, my clients have come to expect nothing but the best from my materials, and I’ve seen a noticeable uptick in engagement since switching to their services. I highly recommend Exodus to any realtor looking for a reliable and high-quality printing partner.”

David KorchDavid KorchCaliber Home Loans

Having a personalized newsletter is a GREAT way to reconnect with past clients as a real person and not as just a mortgage banker. Keith Shapiro is terrific with ideas and perspectives and Tamara Baumgart makes my words jump off the page and make the appropriate statements that I wish to address. TOP NOTCH firm with GREAT employees I highly recommend them!

Testimonials 5

Jake LambroJake LambroCaliber Home Loans

Professional, timely , and accommodating. When I think of Exodus these are the three words that come to mind because of the experience I have had. From making last minute changes I want to add, to suggesting new ideas, Keith & team run a business you can trust to put the best product out there. Could not be more thrilled with the experience. 10/10 recommend.
— Jake Lambro

Testimonials 5

Dylan RowleyDylan RowleyBlue Wave Funding

June 19th, 2020
I had been wanting to do a newsletter for years. Exodus made it simple. I have already had clients reach out and start new business just by keeping in touch.The staff makes the boarding process and content process seamless and easy. I highly recommend Exodus!

October 2020
Anyone who says newsletters don’t work, yes they do. All you have to do is put yourself in front of them, say Hi, share your knowledge and yourself”, and that’s exactly what this newsletter does. For example, I hadn’t talked to one particular client since 2013 when I signed up with Exodus in February of 2020 and began sending him a newsletter every month. He called me in March and I did a refinance for him and he provided me with referrals. Those referrals turned into four more transactions! Right now I am in Escrow for a million-dollar home because of this newsletter and on track to generate $500,000 to $600,000 because of this one client. The newsletter works. Period.
-Dylan Rowley
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A professional, cost-effective way to keep your name in the market. The Exodus team works well to ensure your message is delivered professionally.
Every month a newsletter goes out …. my phone rings from one of my previous contacts and an increase in closings is the result. Testimonials 5

Great newsletter! My clients love the content and personalization! I get phone calls each month when it comes out, a great way to keep in touch.
Thanks!Testimonials 9

Shelby CardallShelby CardallShelby Cardall

I started using Exodus Marketing almost 2 years ago and it is probably the most valuable print advertising I do. I know that it keeps me top of mind with my sphere of influence because every month I have people telling me about what they read in my newsletter. They love my personal story, photos, and touch more than anything. And the thing that I love the most is that Exodus provides me with a ghostwriter who writes the content for me, based on our phone conversation. My effort for each monthly newsletter is as simple as 5 minutes, or I can do something more when I want to offer a promotion, feature local business, etc. Everyone I have worked with at Exodus has been amazing. Love them!

Testimonials 5

I have been sending out my Exodus Newsletter since 2018. I am very pleased with the newsletter and the response I get from my clients that receive it. I really appreciate the excellent personal content help I get every month from Selena! Exodus is First Class for customer service! I highly recommend Exodus for your marketing!

Testimonials 5

Jill WoolseyJill WoolseyRemax Elite Snohomish

I have been with Exodus Marketing for about 2 years now. I love that I can just “set it and forget it”. They are great to send me reminders that my newsletter article is due, with plenty of time. They will even write it for me if I choose. This is one marketing tool I have that I don’t even need to worry about! I use the space in my article to share things with my clients about my life, my family and how it all relates to real estate. I have had multiple clients express to me that they enjoy receiving it. The articles in the newsletter regarding the industry, are timely and well written. Full of actual usable information, not just a bunch of fluff. Articles that help clients know how to rebuild credit scores, what is important to look for in a home inspection, what is title insurance, things of this nature that truly educate my clients. I have earned business as a result of this marketing. In fact, I can point to 5 transactions that came to me as a result of the newsletter, from ONE FAMILY alone. I encourage agents to sign up for this valuable tool!
Testimonials 5

First Testimonial from Jeff in 2019:

Exodus newsletters are a big part of my marketing plan. They have worked very well for me, helping grow my business through repeat transactions, referrals, and more importantly, keeping in touch with past clients.

And again in August 2022:

“I spoke to a previous client from 2012 that wanted to do a REFI, he said he wasn’t sure of my contact info, but he had my newsletter handy. I typically get 2-3 referrals a month from people on my mailing list. The newsletter is more than worth doing and you all do a great job.”

Testimonials 5

As more and more companies use Social Media to communicate with clients…..something has happened. Mailboxes have almost nothing in them….except for my Exodus Marketing Newsletter! Guess what….they are reading it and responding! Thanks, Exodus!!!Testimonials 5

“I have been using Exodus Marketing to handle my newsletters for a couple of years now. They collaborate with me to create an effective product that I am proud of every single month. In today’s online world, my newsletter is a throwback that my clients and friends really appreciate. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they read the whole thing every month. My business is booming and I owe a lot of that to marketing through my newsletter and Exodus Marketing. If you want to talk to me directly, call me at 360-386-3560.”Testimonials 5

“Thank you for the newsletter because it has really generated phone calls, and we have been busy with our refinance business. Everybody enjoys it. And they are reading it. I didn’t think people would want to hear about my personal life, but you (the Content Department) do a beautiful job helping me communicate my heart for what I do and my love for our community, veterans, and my clients. I have already added the Exodus Marketing newsletter to my plan for next year.”

Testimonials 5

I’ve got a couple million in the pipeline right now because the newsletter has reconnected me with clients.Testimonials 2

Gina AkinsGina AkinsRE/Max Elite

Exodus Marketing newsletter is one of the best, economical touches I use in my real estate business. It not only has great content but enables personalization. And if writing content isn’t your forte they have wonderful writers that do it for you and it’s included in the price! Testimonials 2

Linda Shierholz – “The Honey With The Money!”Linda Shierholz – “The Honey With The Money!”The Broadmoor Mortgage Company

“You all  such a wonderful job with my newsletter! I get get 1-3 people from each mailing; old clients who have either referred someone to me or we are redoing one of their loans. One client this month is from 2012, and I am currently working on three loans for him right now. And it is a direct result of the newsletter. The power of the newsletter is phenomenal. I love speaking with the content department. It’s amazing how I can speak to them for about 15 minutes and they are able to take my words and put them into the newsletter the way they do. I love what you do and it is making a difference in my business. Thank you!”

Regarding Content Help:
“I so appreciate you and the work you’re doing. I sit and wrack my brain trying to come up with something of interest to write in my newsletter, and 5 minutes with you and we have something really great. And my clients love it.”Testimonials 2

Testimonials 2“My clients love the newsletter. Not a month goes by that I don’t have someone, whether it goes anywhere or not, telling me they read the newsletter and had some questions. I even have some little old ladies that tell me they wait for my newsletter and read it cover to cover. They love hearing about my family, the company updates and industry items. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this.”

Andrea WestAndrea WestHomesmart Realty

I have been using Exodus Marketing for several years now (since August 2013) and have seen an increase in my business. A lender that I know uses them, and he highly recommended that I do too. Their online portal is easy to use to upload content, pictures, client mailing addresses, etc. Exodus also send out reminders to get your content in. The typesetting department is wonderful!!! They put the content together so that it really looks great! They’re fast too! I frequently get calls or emails after my newsletter goes out. Sometimes it’s for a property that someone is interested in. Other times, it’s just a client saying hello. I would highly recommend Exodus Marketing to anyone!LinkedIn

George PressleyGeorge PressleyIntegrity First Mutual Mortgage

Since 2008, Exodus Marketing has been instrumental in providing the support needed to maintain and continue to develop my business which is based on referrals and repeat customers. The newsletters are not only informative but a repeated reminder to my data base to think of me when they or someone they know talks about a real estate purchase or refinance. Outstanding service is always received from the staff. If you want to remain in your customers “sphere of influence”,  join forces with them today!

LinkedInI have been using the service for since 2011. My clients have very positive feed back each month and find the material informative and timely.

I have been using Exodus since 2005 and have been able to stay in touch and retain previous clients. I have received many remarks that they appreciate the updates and fun facts of each newsletter and enjoy receiving stuff the old fashion way.LinkedIn

Tanya GillsTanya GillsAlcova Mortgage

I find the newsletters are professionally presented. Everyone there is always readily available to do whatever necessary to make everyone successful which is a quality difficult to find any more. I used to dread personalizing my newsletters since I am not very good at it but Rod In their Layout and editing department makes it easy and it comes out great. I have had people pass on the newsletters to friends and family so it is definitely a good investment especially now that everyone else is doing things electronically.LinkedIn

I was very skeptical at first. Telling them not to expect anything long term. I was worried about the extra cost versus what I was already doing. After a long time of using Exodus, I have come to realize that it is actually saving me money! Time is Money! Not to mention, everyone LOVES the newsletter. On top of all these great benefits, the team at Exodus is amazing. I never have any issue, my questions and concerns are dealt with immediately and professionally, and I never have to worry about missing input on the newsletter becuase they send friendly reminders with plenty of time to not get caught behind he 8 ball. Thanks Exodus!LinkedIn

I have ordered my newsletters through Exodus since 2011 after using a different company for several years prior to that. Exodus has been awesome. It is very easy to customize the content, update my information, and add/delete or just upload my client database. The newsletters are printed on a high quality glossy paper. The the cost is very reasonable, especially considering it includes the mailing. I have referred at least 10 other loan officers who are also happy and saved money versus another newsletter company they had used. I personally do quite a bit of online marketing to my client database but have found that using snail mail in conjunction email gives me better results. As a result of including newsletters into my past client marketing, my client database always knows where I am and contacts me first when they are in need of a mortgage.LinkedIn Facebook

I have used the Exodus Newsletter for the last 7 years and fond it a great way to stay in touch with my clientbase. It is a very professional done newsletters with many interesting articles that are relevant to mortgages and real estate. LinkedIn

Being an Exodus client since 2008, I really like these newsletters as a way of keeping in touch with my client base. They allow me to send a customized message each issue that relates to our local market. I like to include current listings, home appreciation statistics etc so my clients can keep up to date on the local market. The design and graphics people are very easy to work with and everything is done very professionally.LinkedIn

Stephanie NorykoStephanie NorykoGranite Financial

We have been a customer of Exodus Marketing for over a decade. Their service has always been satisfactory. They have accomodated our needs without problems. I cannot think of a negative event in all our years as their clients.LinkedIn

I have utilized Exodus Marketing for the past 3.5 years. In the ever changing world of mortgage finance, a guy like myself (owner of a Mortgage Brokerage) has to constantly be in front of my past clients. In today’s world of internet marketing and social media, you may ask yourself “why a snail mail newsletter?”. Simply because it WORKS and people still appreciate that personal letter that they can physically hold and look at. These guys know how to market and that’s the bottom line.LinkedIn

Adam HeaneyAdam HeaneyEmery Financial

Exodus Marketing has helped me stay in front of my customers with professional looking newsletters that contain relevant information on the mortgage and real estate markets. I have opted to write my own cover page and have found the staff very helpful with suggestions for formatting text and choosing photos that are pertinent to the article to help me convey my message. They are also very helpful with the setup of newsletters and working around my time schedule if/when possible. Thank you Exodus! Adam LinkedIn

Tom RooneyTom RooneyEmery Financial

Exodus Marketing is responsive and helpful and delivers on their promises. Their products are excellent.  I am very pleased with my results.

Al GianandreaHarbor Funding, Bethesda MD

Exodus Marketing and it’s professional staff has been an intrical part of my business plan. For several years they have proven to be a cost effective way in generating business and income for my company.  LinkedIn

I am a mortgage broker in the state of Maryland. Our company relies heavily on maintaining contact with our clients and referral sources. A newsletter is one of our primary vehicles for doing so. About two years ago we began looking for a newsletter source that would present a more polished image to our clients. We were also interested in a company that would manage the process with minimal involvement from us. We discovered Exodus Marketing and signed up with them. We have been extremely happy with the product, process and flexibility that we have with the newsletters as well as the cost. Our Rep at Exodus is very responsive and helpful. I would offer my highest recommendation to any business that wants to project a professional image to their clients at a fair cost and with minimal effort.

Brad KostalnickBrad KostalnickUS Bank Home Mortgage

I’ve worked with the people over at Exodus for over a year now and find their service exceptional.  The content they provide is professional and informative. If I ever have any questions Keith is always extremely helpful and responsive.  They are my go to people for my marketing.  They get the job done and get it done right and effectively.  I appreciate all that they have done to help me grow my business.<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-3773″ src=”” alt=”LinkedIn” width=”60″ height=”60″ /></a>

Kenneth GoKenneth Go1st Innovative Finance Group

I’ve been a Loan Broker in California for over 28 years. I have developed a reliable roster of clients over the years that I communicate with through the newsletters of Exodus Marketing. We are very pleased with the relationship we share with Exodus Marketing since 2006.  The whole team is friendly and open and the support we have been given over the years is nothing less than outstanding. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. Best decision we have made was to associate ourselves with a leader in this business with such high standards. LinkedIn

David BickDavid BickKeller Williams Reality Sonoran Living

I began using Exodus Marketing last year to produce and distribute a marketing newsletters to my clients. I have been quite impressed with the company and the qualify of the products that they produce. From my initial call to the company they have been very responsive and professional throughout the entire process. The customer service personnel walk you through creating a template for your newsletter and provide one on one expertise with the drafting of each newsletter. The web interface is intuitive and easily allows me to upload my contacts information and to make changes to my upcoming newsletter before the publishing date. The quality of the actual newsletter is top notch and I have received many compliments from my clients. All in all, I would certainly recommend Exodus to anyone that is looking for this type of service.LinkedIn

I have been sending my clients Exodus Marketing’s newsletter for 7 years. The response from them have been extremely positive. They enjoy the information as well as the “fun” sections. The newsletter is beautifully done. Moreover, the staff is wonderful to work with, in particular Keith Shapiro, my account rep, and Rodney Smith in the layout department. I would recommend Exodus Marketing to anyone who wants to stay in front of their database. My only regret is I didn’t utilize them 15 years earlier. LinkedIn

Shawn SidhuShawn SidhuC2 Financial Corp

I’ve been using Exodus Marketing for my newsletters for a few years now. Many of my clients compliment it and appreciate that I keep in touch with them through a mailed newsletter. Its a professional piece and reflects highly on my mortgage business. I would give them my highest recommendation. If you’re not keeping in touch with your database on a continual basis I can guarantee they will go elsewhere when in need of purchasing or refinancing.LinkedIn

Bill WatsonBill WatsonKeller Williams Reality Sonoran Living

I’ve used Exodus Marketing for my newsletters since September 2014 when a colleague in the loan industry suggested them. My experience has been that the newsletter quality is very high, there service has been a time saver. Maintaining contact with my sphere of influence is always timely, effecient and the Exodus Marketing newsletter produces many leads.

My satisfaction with Exodus had me suggest the rest of my team also use them and we’ve been happy with that decision. I would recommend Exodus Marketing to anyone that wants to improve their market share and stay connected to their sphere of influence in a way that works!LinkedIn

Before I started with Exodus Marketing, I didn’t really know what to expect.  My first thought was that it isn’t cheap, would it be worth the money?  I reached out to probably the most successful loan officer in our entire company (who not coincidentally uses Exodus Marketing) and he assured me that it is definitely worth it.  I signed up, and anxiously awaited my first newsletter going out.  When it hit my clients mailboxes, I held my breath and waited for my first call… and got nothing.  In fact, it wasn’t almost until my third newsletter hit that I got a call, and I have received at least one call from a past client every month ever since.  My only regret is that I didn’t sign up with Exodus Marketing a long time ago.  If I would have sent a newsletter every month to every client that I have helped in the past 16.5 years, I could just sit back and let the business come to me.  Even though I may be late to the game, I figure it is definitely better late than never!LinkedIn

Derek BamonteDerek BamonteGuaranteed Rate Mortgage

The newsletter is professionally written with excellent content. This is why I continue to use Exodus Marketing after 7 years.LinkedIn

Spencer JankeSpencer JankeUtah Cribs

I have been using Exodus Marketing for almost 3 years now. I have been very pleased with the results from our monthly newsletter. It has been surprising to see how many of our clients mention our Newsletter. We have had so many comments over the last couple years it has become a great conversational tool. I think the best part of this service for me is the automation. If goes out every month. Regardless of how busy I am. They send me reminders when it is time for me to write my article, it forces me to take a minute and think about what I would like to tell all of my clients. This has been a very successful marketing effort. I plan on continuing my service with Exodus into the future.LinkedIn

Fred GoncherFred GoncherBackyard Financial

Good experience!
Very helpful staff!
Return On Investment 400%!LinkedIn


Cathy DabneyCathy DabneyRate One Financial

I have been using Exodus Marketing for about 6 months now and I am very satisfied with their service. The articles they put together for the Newsletter are intelligent and interesting. My clients love getting their Newsletter each month. I have used other companies in the past; however the service I get from Exodus far surpasses what the other companies offer.LinkedIn

Anita SchimmelAnita SchimmelPrudential Rocky Mountain Realtors

“Exodus Marketing Group and Keith have been providing the Exodus newsletter that I send out bimonthly to a select group of clients and prospects. They are very prompt in returning emails and provide consistent, high quality information in the real estate marketing newsletters. Exodus is very accurate in passing on the information I provide, particularly in matching property pictures with descriptions. The newsletter gets positive comments and feedback and is an item of high value to the recipients. Keith Shapiro is an enormous asset to the company and a pleasure to work with.”LinkedIn

Nathan RuftyNathan RuftyNathan Rufty

“Exodus Marketing Group and my mortgage marketing consultant, Keith Shapiro, have been outstanding with their easy online system. You manage your own mailings and customize your content as often as you like. It’s worth the money to continue to remain in your client’s thoughts when a service likes yours is needed.”LinkedIn

Exodus Marketing Group and Keith Shapiro have been helping me and my production partner at Citywide Home Loans generate/send almost 1,500 monthly newsletters to our past clients and realtors/referral partners for almost 11 years. They are very knowledgeable, always punctual and extremely easy to work with. I have full confidence every month when our newsletters go out that everything is handled correctly and professionally. Exodus and our account manager Keith Shapiro, have always been very quick and helpful with any questions or concerns we have. I would highly recommend Exodus Marketing Group without hesitation to anyone in need of mortgage marketing services that work!LinkedIn

Clem BorkowskiClem BorkowskiASI Capital Colorado Springs

“I’ve worked with Keith Shapiro and Exodus Marketing on my mortgage marketing many times over several years and every time they’ve been very professional and efficient. Keith Shapiro as well as the layout and editing staff have helped make my experience with my newsletters and Exodus top notch.”LinkedIn

Viral “Vic” JoshiViral “Vic” JoshiC2 Financial Corp

“Exodus Marketing has been a staple of my referral mortgage marketing efforts and has resulted in both new business and existing client retention. Keith Shapiro has always been available to help start up the marketing effort with Exodus as well as help maintain the marketing piece as it suits my needs. Exodus Marketing Group are an integral part of my business and the results from working with them have been beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Keith and Exodus Marketing to any loan officer, broker or realtor looking to generate more business and maintain critical relationships.”LinkedIn

“Keith Shapiro is a resourceful guy and Exodus has a great product to help you maintain and build your business. Thanks to Exodus Marketing, many of my customers have told me they enjoy receiving the newsletter and look forward to receiving it. Exodus knows that to be successful in sales and mortgage marketing, you need to keep in touch with your happy customers.”LinkedIn

Michael GorkowskiMichael GorkowskiGeorge Mason Mortgage

The Newsletters allow me to stay in front of hundreds of my clients every month and gives me an added touch of credibility in regard to the newsletter being professional and showing that I’m investing in my business. Product is excellent! * Service is superb! * Overall great value! Best mortgage marketing concept for long term growth available.

John HardingJohn HardingFirst Call Mortgage

I would NEVER imagine not putting myself in front of my clients every single month. I train and teach this as well. I get a consistent one to two clients A MONTH from each newsletter that goes out. I have a database sending only about 300, not thousands. What better way to do this than with a high quality newsletter done for you with the ability to customize monthly (which I always do). And the mailing? A no brainer! A few clicks and it’s DONE!! I have preached the quality and benefit of your service and product far and wide. I have used other providers in the past, and investigated many more, and you are head and shoulders above the pack! Many of my colleagues have now added Exodus Marketing Group mortgage marketing newsletters to their business plan and are thrilled!LinkedIn

Andrea BurkeAndrea BurkeAndrea Burke

I have faithfully “farmed” around 300 folks for several years now and am in the process of expanding it as it’s been so successful. “They” say farming doesn’t work anymore, but they are quite wrong! It does, but what works even better is consistent communication with my sphere of influence. And nobody does it better than Exodus Marketing, so I’m happy!!! Your newsletter provides excellent, professional tool for this purpose. Thank you! I previously used a Las Vegas based company and more often than not I received the newsletters was late… I’ve NEVER had a problem with Exodus Marketing – always on time, friendly customer service – talented and helpful people! I look forward to continued business with them and expanding distribution in near future for all of my real estate marketing needs.

Larry MoppsLarry MoppsLarry Mopps

Before switching to Exodus Marketing I was using another provider for my monthly newsletter. I cannot believe the difference in the professionalism and service that I receive from Exodus. I’m so thankful that I made the decision to change my mortgage marketing service over to Exodus!LinkedIn

Molly ReidelMolly ReidelRe/Max Realty

The Customer Service staff at Exodus is excellent. Their response time to my e-mail questions is always very quick. The product itself is wonderful. The newsletter is a good combination of real estate information as well as interesting side-bars that are non-real estate related. Both types of articles are interesting and get the newsletter read! The newsletters always go out in a timely fashion, so I never have to worry about my real estate marketing.LinkedIn

Consistency is the key! It’s not the 1st month, it’s the 13th, the 25th and sometimes the 1000th month. You get the idea. In the mind of my clients, I’m always here. Ups, downs or whatever. They know I’m here kick ass in the business. My clients know my children’s names, then know when my wife is due and now more about me then they know about their own families. That is a gift, it’s a gift of communication. That connection between me and my clients earns me a 7 figure income per year. NO – YOU CAN’T OVER COMMUNICATE. The idea that you can is BS! It’s not always easy to write monthly but I’ve grown to love the writing and I love my clients know my kid’s names. The truth is, people are afraid to share some of themselves, afraid to write (“What will I write about?”) and afraid of rejection. GET OVER IT and go put a dent in the universe.LinkedIn

Best Wishes – Josh Mettle

“Exodus Marketing Group has provided excellent support for my monthly mortgage marketing newsletter and worked with me on customization that helps me reach my client base. Great work, great service….something I don’t say lightly.”LinkedIn

Doug JonesDoug JonesMortgage Magic

“Keith Shapiro and Exodus Marketing are the best….Keith can help you build your to him, listen to him, and follow his advice…do that and your business will increase.”LinkedIn

Chuck PopeChuck PopeBayside Financial

When I first came into the mortgage business a long-time friend and mentor said that anyone who worked with me in the past was now a great resource for new business. He said that, “it will serve you well to stay in front of them.” He reminded me that, “people have too many other options at their fingertips and it is easy to forget about you or not even consider you if you have lost contact.” He told me that a newsletter was, “a great way for them to see your face. Some will even sit it on their coffee table for an extended time because they don’t want to throw it away.” I started using the company he was then using. Later in favor of greater quality of product and upgrading the impression my newsletters made, I switched to Exodus Marketing. I am truly glad I did and this note is to thank you for all the great impressions your newsletters have made for me. People over the years have remarked about articles that I realize many actually read it. Early on I had a customer call me up and ask me a question about car insurance. I said why would you ask me about that? He said, “your article on Homeowners Insurance was so good that I thought you would surely know about car insurance too.” That is when I also realized that I better read the Newsletter too and have always sent myself a copy. I use your “Personalization Assistance Service”  and personalize the last page of every issue. I feel this is a way to include content that is important or even personal to me that I want my customers to see. This helps people to get to know me better too. I have often been tardy in getting that copy to you and have appreciated your understanding and the extra service you guys provide. Rob in typesetting has been a lot of help with this and he is a man of great patience. He is a good reflection on your company and I have always appreciated the “Extra Mile” attitude towards customer service from everyone at Exodus Marketing! Thanks again for making me look good!
Chuck Pope

Adriana PerciballiAdriana PerciballiCastle Rock Mortgage

Hi Keith, With the holiday season upon us it seemed like a fitting time to send a BIG thank you to you and Exodus Marketing for all you do! You always go out of your way to make my mortgage marketing convenient which as you already know is a great asset! You are always available and willing to assist as well as Rod in typesetting. The newsletters and content are as professional as you and Exodus and couldn’t ask for anything more! Warmest Regards, Adriana Perciballi President – MLO ID # 64552 Castle Rock Mortgage, Inc.LinkedIn

Cole UnderwoodCole UnderwoodThe Underwood Group

I began using Exodus Marketing several years ago primarily because of the ease of use. The mailing goes out every month and I am not spending my valuable time on it. I continue to use it because over time I have had several comments from clients that say they look forward to receiving it and find the content informational and often helpful. I am a man of few words but think you guys are the best!!!

Yancy MartinsonYancy MartinsonResidential Pacific Mortgage

Several years ago I started a newsletter with the help of a friend. It turned out to take up more time than I anticipated and frankly became a pain in the you-know-what. So I went out looking for a source to help me with this task and take a little pressure off me so I could focus on originating and my clients. The results were not good to say the least. I couldn’t find a source that focused on my industry and what I did. That was until an associate referred me to Exodus. 7 plus years later I’m just as impressed as I was on day one. They take the hassle out creating a newsletter and write about real estate and mortgage lending related topics. Keith along with their customer service team are always ready to assist, but the star of their team is Rod in editing. I can’t tell you how many times Rod has been there for me. Also, the feedback I get from clients is great. This thing has paid for itself over and over with the amount of calls and referrals this type of mortgage marketing creates. Exodus is one of my top referral resources that keeps me in touch with my clients on a regular basis and that means a lot to me and my bank account. Thank you Exodus everything!LinkedIn

For many years I neglected sending a monthly newsletter to my client list even though I knew it is one of the most important forms of mortgage marketing. Then, at an office sales meeting, a co-worker mentioned Exodus Marketing’s newsletter service. I gave Keith a call and in one day I had my database uploaded to their system and my first newsletter created. As a busy loan officer and product manager, their service of helping you with crafting the personal section of the newsletter is crucial. Beyond the great personalization, what they come up with to fill the rest of the newsletter is very good and I’m glad to have my name attached to it. I would definitely recommend their service!LinkedIn

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2 Color vs 4 Color Personalization

2 Color Option
The 2-Color personalization option has the same layout as
the 4-Color option.

Both newsletter
options are full 4-Color.

The personalized areas on the 2-color are in Black & White.
4 Color Option
The 4-Color personalization option has the same layout as
the 2-Color option.

Both newsletter
options are full 4-Color.

The personalization can
now be 4-Color. This also adds the ability of replacing our front page article with your own on any issue if you'd like.

(Add 59.00 per issue)
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What are Extras?

are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Reasons to add Extras:
► Hand them out to referral partners
► Have newsletters available for open houses
► Make them available in the reception area

Extras can be added or removed at any time on the client dashboard – (Minimum 10pcs)

The purpose of this form is to provide you with the costs of using a newsletter. When comparing direct marketing to all other forms of marketing for LO’s and Realtors, the properly personalized newsletter is far more effective at generating referrals.This is not an order form. It’s a price-quote tool that will email you the price quote. Please feel free to use it or pass it on to anyone who might have similar interest in successfully increasing referrals. To your success!

– The Exodus Marketing Team
The amount of records in your client database determines the number of newsletters printed, not including any Extras you decide to add to the overall total. Extras are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Price Per Piece

The pricing matrix to the right shows that as the number of newsletters goes up, the price per piece goes down. In other words, the discounts are built into the system.
As you create your quote, the pricing will include the discount based on the total amount of newsletters in your database, in addition to any Extras you add. With 100 newsletters mailed directly to your client base, plus 25 Extras shipped directly to you, the total newsletter qty comes to 125. From 100 to 149 newsletters the Price Per Piece is .82 cents. As your market share grows and it reaches each pricing level, the Price Per Piece discount is automatically applied.

Newsletter Price

The pricing matrix also shows total price as Quantity x Price Per Piece.

The Newsletter Price is the mailing database plus any Extras multiplied by the Per Piece Price.


Total Postage

Total Postage is the total database size
multiplied by the current rate of postage. 

Federal Express Ground Shipping

When you add Extras to your newsletter campaign, we need want to be sure they are delivered promptly and trackable. Therefore ALL Extras are shipped FedEx Ground at a fixed discount cost of $9.50 regardless of the amount of Extras you request.

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Exodus Marketing IS mortgage referrals!

More about Referrals...

Like you, a large portion of our clients are sent by referral so we know exactly why referrals are so important. 

It’s a very simple process, give us the name and phone number of someone you think would benefit from the newsletters and we’ll give you a $100 credit on your next newsletter once they sign up. 

It’s that simple and there’s no time or quantity limit. You can refer as many colleagues as you like, whenever you like.

Refer two in a month, get $200 off your next issue. If you have more credit  than your next issue costs, the overage caries over to next newsletter issue. 

Click the “Give Referral” button once this window closes to send us one.

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