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The 4 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Loan Officers & Realtors Make That Reduce Referrals!

This short guide lays out the four biggest marketing mistakes that LO’s and Realtors make that let referrals slip through the cracks! We hope you read and keep it as a resource and reference. The connection to your past clients and how important that relationship is often neglected.
You were the most important connection to the industry that client has ever had!
Their experience with you is your golden ticket to the referrals you should be getting. Enjoy!

The 4 Biggest Marketing Mistakes the Loan Officers & Realtors make that reduce referrals.

Since 2005, we’ve surveyed 1000’s of LO’s & Realtors. In 96% of the cases they make the same four basic mistakes costing 100’s of millions of dollars in lost business!

However, there is nothing quite like the reaction we see when they finally see the problem. The mistakes can be fixed almost immediately and the results are glorious!

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