But My Clients Are Different… They Don’t Read Newsletters


But my mortgage marketing clients are differentAs you can imagine, we hear this along with a myriad of other reasons why someone’s clients might be “different” than most people but it’s rarely true and it’s certainly never consistent.  

What is consistent is, LO’s and Realtors rarely have marketing degrees or backgrounds in marketing. We service some very serious LO’s and Realtors in this industry and the churn through some really serious dollar amounts each month, we also service smaller brokers and lenders who are one-man shops or small family businesses. Having seen the industry in many different states, from the booms to the crashes we’ve seen a lot and what’s also reliably consistent is the human condition. And the human condition doesn’t change. Regardless of where technology leads us, we’re still affected by the same things we’ve always been affected by. Your past clients are no different.

Whether a file was easy or difficult, you still developed a relationship with that client and when the deal is done, they still love you for it even if they don’t necessarily know how to show it. Nurturing that relationship is the key to referrals!

You helped them, they want to help you but they don’t as often as you think they should. If you market to them at all, chances are you’re sharing insights about Fannie, Freddie, rates, programs, product, and things they just don’t relate too. Your clients are no different than anyone else and where they’re different from you is, they don’t wake up in the morning thinking like a loan officer or a real estate agent and they don’t see the industry the same way that you do. If your marketing is giving them insight to programs and rates they can’t take advantage of or discussing industry details they don’t understand much less have any interest in, you fade off into the background no matter how impressive you think your marketing piece might be. Brain surgery is impressive, if you read a peer-reviewed journal on the Prefrontal Cortex, it’ll bore you to tears. Past clients is where the referrals are and if you want referrals, you have to keep the relationship you developed with your past clients alive. To do that… you need to:

Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge, and Become Family!

That’s where we come in. No marketing background? No problem, no time to come up with what you want to say? No problem! This is what our content help service is all about. 

Not knowing what to say to your clients or not having a background in marketing or creative writing is no reason to lose referrals. That’s why we offer the Content Help Service. For those that don’t possess the gift of creative writing, we spend a few minutes with you as you’d like. If you know what you want to say, we’ll write it for you, if you don’t know what you want to say, we’ll help you come up with what is needed to keep the relationship you developed with your clients intact. 

This is what Exodus Marketing does best and we’ve got plenty of past clients ourselves that will testify to the power of the Newsletter, Direct Marketing, and our content help service. When your newsletter comes from Exodus, you only pay for newsletters and postage. All of our help and years of experience are included free of charge. We have a vested interest in your success! Our success is inextricably connected to your success and we feel that’s the way it should be. Your clients aren’t different, they’re a referral source that is more than happy to refer new business to you, their friend, their connection to the industry. You are by all means a part of their family. Sending them a newsletter means you want them in the loop of who you are and that’s the key to referrals!

Have questions, want more information? Click the button below and schedule a call, we’ll show you what our clients experience and why a newsletter is right for you!