I Tried to Reach the Young People

…The first-time home buyers with my marketing

I-Tried-To-Reach-The-Young-PeopleA long-time customer of Exodus Marketing, who had seen success, looked out the window one day and was convinced that the grass was a little greener.

His name is John Sullivan and here’s what he said: “Ya know, I stopped using your newsletters because the whole world has gone digital. All the young people are on Twitter and Facebook. I tried everything and I just can’t reach the new, younger first-time home buyers.”

It always humors me when I talk with people who think chasing trends without really looking at the facts is somehow the smartest way to go. Generally, it’s like the cows thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Just because the interwebs are so common in all of our lives doesn’t mean that people are suddenly not affected by the deeds of others.

I told him in as plain an answer as I could give:

“John, the bottom line is, someone looking to buy a new home isn’t going to search Twitter for the best way to do that. It could happen but the reality is, the “young people” are going to ask their mother, father and/or someone they trust in their inner circle of family and close friends before they run to the internet to find someone. Sure, research will be done online and, for some, they might find what they’re looking for, but the competition is fierce out there, which is why online mortgage marketing doesn’t work as well for the Loan Officer and Realtor. When someone asks their dad about getting a loan for a home, is that dad your past client?”

After a long pause, John replied, “Well, that’s why I called you. I need to get my newsletter going again…”

Regardless of age, people do business with those they know, like and trust.

Don’t confuse direct mail marketing using a newsletter for something perceived as old-fashioned. 80% of people will react to a direct mail piece in contrast to 45% responding to email. And with big-ticket items like a mortgage or a home purchase, there’s no drive-through or online shopping cart for that. A virtual portal isn’t as trusting as a friendly handshake and an actual human relationship. The successful Loan Officer and Realtor already know that sphere-of-influence communication is paramount to growth.

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