Make the right choice in HOW to market your business

The Right Mortgage Marketing ChoicesOnline marketing companies, for example, look at your business in terms of how well they can get you to rank on Google. One of the first things they look at is “Keyword Search Difficulty” or “how fierce the competition will be for keywords used to find a business like yours.”

To put it mildly, mortgages are extremely competitive. Finding you by name should be easy provided you have a website that’s indexed with your name on it or a LinkedIn account with the caveat that they’re looking for you specifically. Unfortunately, the volume of people searching for you by your name can be pretty slim without some other connection outside of their memory.

Now consider the Loan Officer that communicates with their client base on regular intervals. This LO will never need to worry that their referrals are going to someone else. Aside from Greenlight, LendingTree, QuickenLoans and all the big players and lead generators with big budgets, anyone who stays connected in a real way to their client base builds a business for themselves rather than for someone else. Even the big players can’t overturn that loyalty in most cases.

Your client base should never have to go far to find you. You should be available to contact when they need you or when they need to refer you.

How you communicate and what medium you use is of major importance. Be sure that you’ve looked at all the marketing processes that work for the Loan and Real Estate industries because homes and loans don’t market very well using the same techniques that are used to sell shoes and pizza.

Know that your availability is in direct proportion to how you communicate with your client base.

Know what works for the Loan Officer before you commit to any marketing plan or process.