Mortgage Marketing – What is the ‘Bump Into’ Method of Marketing?

mortgage marketing newslettersAnyone who has read any of my posts or any information regarding direct marketing that we’ve published has probably heard me or my associates talk about the “bump into” method of marketing. There’s normally confusion about what marketing is. We’ve covered in our mortgage marketing primer on our home page how a good marketing campaign should be structured. However, there is still the misunderstanding of marketing, and the one who is doing the marketing.

Suffice it to say, the term ‘marketing’ seems to be interchangeable with several concepts and ideas and, therefore, misunderstood more often than not.

Because of the loose use and misuse of the term ‘marketing,’ it’s become a pejorative when it really shouldn’t be. Things become bad when they are misunderstood and the result is misuse. And the ‘bump-into’ method of marketing is a symptom of that misuse.

We can open the Yellow Pages, look at newspaper ads, emails, flyers, etc., to see the misuse of ‘marketing.’ Take email for example: millions get sent out by well intentioned people who are sold on the idea that because it’s so cheap, it’s the wave of the future, it has to work. They resolve to take that medium very seriously, however, only in so far as they do the work or perform the activity of the ‘marketing’ and the results are abysmal. Since it’s so cheap and “everyone’s doing it,” it seems as though you must continue on with this drudgery. This is what many call ‘marketing’ and while it’s certainly the activity of ‘marketing’ one should ask… “Is what I’m doing here really marketing?” I’m on a lot of email lists and see some pretty wild things that people think are “value” and are filled with “content” and you know what they say, “You’ve gotta have good content” or “You’ve got to provide value to your customer.” While both are true, typically the question of what good content is, and what good value is can become hidden in subjective opinions.

Many ideas are something that someone “bumped into.” Someone overheard someone else was talking about their email campaign and they tried that. Then they ‘bumped into’ someone that sent out letters with a stick of gum in the envelope, “Hey, he got a deal from it, so I’ll try that.” Then there’s the post cards, the recipe cards, sports schedules, calendar magnets, and so many other little items that people eventually ‘bump into’ and try. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with trying. Trial and error are a wonderful process of elimination for seeing what you might like, but there’s an easier way

Don’t walk around blind and continue to bump into different ideas that are unproven to make money and grow your market share. If you stop for a second and ask a couple of fundamental questions about your goals such as, what you’ve been doing, what your overall view of it is supposed to be, versus loan officer marketing concepts that work. Let’s take a look at what your efforts say about:

  • You
  • Your business
  • Your relationship with clients
  • Your perceived value of your sphere-of-influence
  • What you should be doing?
  • What you can expect?
  • …and much more

All of these things can be assessed in a matter of 15 or 20 minutes and for FREE! You’ll have to schedule a free Marketing Needs Assessment and quit “bumping into” marketing ideas that won’t generate the revenue you’re looking for.