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Mortgage Marketing CommunicationMortgage marketing communication is seen differently by different people. I work for Exodus Marketing in the layout and design department. We produce mortgage newsletters for Loan Officers and Realtors. It is my job every month to take my assigned customers’ submitted written personalization, read and edit for correct spelling and proper punctuation, and then lay it out so that it presents the customer in the best possible light. Each and every month during that process I see what I can only describe as:


  1. effective mortgage marketing communication
  2. not so effective mortgage marketing communication

The not-so-effective communication is often written from the perspective of speaking to a group, instead of speaking directly to the individual. For example:

“My customers know they can count on my years of experience and professionalism to get the very best service possible. It is my goal to make sure my customer’s mortgage fits their lifestyle and overall financial needs now and into the future.”

Notice how the above paragraph is targeted to a group (My customers…) rather than the individual reader?

Fact: Your customer doesn’t read your mortgage newsletter as a group. They read individually, as a single person. So we suggest that when you submit your personalization you should always strive to target your message to the individual

(Always remember, you aren’t obligated to understand how this is supposed to work and we know that loan officer training doesn’t typically come with these insights, so never hesitate to ask or let us know you need help understanding these concepts. Also, see our Content Help service.)

While crafting your personal message, imagine that individual sitting in your office on the other side of your desk. You wouldn’t tell that person, “It is my goal to make sure that my customer’s mortgage fits their lifestyle and overall financial needs….” Because if you did, that person might just glance over their shoulder and wonder to whom you were speaking. But, on the other hand, if you stated, “It is my goal to make sure that your mortgage fits your lifestyle and overall financial needs…” there would be no doubt to whom you were speaking. Do you see the subtle difference?

So, when communicating with your customers via your newsletter, always try to be mindful to speak to them as individuals, not as a group. Leave no doubt in that individual’s mind that you are speaking directly to him or her as an individual and no one else. This is an essential part of mortgage marketing communication that really works.

Moreover, when you speak to a group, it is usually perceived as being less personal. When you speak to the individual, it can only be perceived as being very personal. And the goal of the monthly mortgage newsletter is to maintain a personal connection with your past clients. That’s the main point. …That’s the value of doing the monthly mortgage marketing newsletter in the first place. You establish a relationship during the loan process and then maintain that personal connection through the newsletter that is designed to maintain that relationship over time so that your clients not only come back to you but refer you to the folks they care most about.

When you promise a room full of people that you are here to help protect and manage their most important financial investment (their home), some in the room may believe you. But when you look into the eyes of a single customer and promise the same thing or something similar, that lone customer knows you are speaking only to him or her. And they will believe you. They will come to trust you, seek your advice, and refer you to family and friends. And isn’t that your goal?

Sometimes these concepts, as subtle as some of them can be, are easily overlooked. This is where we come in. You might not be considering things of this nature and rightfully so, as you are busy being the best loan officer you can be. Mortgage marketing is for all intents and purposes a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

If you’re on your own with messaging, here’s a quick guide on good written communication skills. Mortgage marketing communication will use these concepts. There’s more to know and learn about what works and what doesn’t when doing mortgage marketing. We suggest that you see how easy it can all be to turn past clients into ambassadors for you and your business and invest 20 minutes into our Free Marketing Needs Assessment. Just fill out the form below and schedule a time that’s best for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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What are Extras?

are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Reasons to add Extras:
► Hand them out to referral partners
► Have newsletters available for open houses
► Make them available in the reception area

Extras can be added or removed at any time on the client dashboard – (Minimum 5pcs)

The purpose of this form is to provide you with the costs of using a newsletter. When comparing direct marketing to all other forms of marketing for LO’s and Realtors, the properly personalized newsletter is far more effective at generating referrals.This is not an order form. It’s a price-quote tool that will email you the price quote. Please feel free to use it or pass it on to anyone who might have similar interest in successfully increasing referrals. To your success!

– The Exodus Marketing Team
The amount of records in your client database determines the number of newsletters printed, not including any Extras you decide to add to the overall total. Extras are the number of newsletters you request to be printed and shipped directly to you in addition to what we mail to your client database.

Price Per Piece

The pricing matrix to the right shows that as the number of newsletters goes up, the price per piece goes down. In other words, the discounts are built into the system.
As you create your quote, the pricing will include the discount based on the total amount of newsletters in your database, in addition to any Extras you add. With 100 newsletters mailed directly to your client base, plus 25 Extras shipped directly to you, the total newsletter qty comes to 125. From 100 to 149 newsletters the Price Per Piece is .82 cents. As your market share grows and it reaches each pricing level, the Price Per Piece discount is automatically applied.

Newsletter Price

The pricing matrix also shows total price as Quantity x Price Per Piece.

The Newsletter Price is the mailing database plus any Extras multiplied by the Per Piece Price.


Total Postage

Total Postage is the total database size
multiplied by the current rate of postage. 

Federal Express Ground Shipping

When you add Extras to your newsletter campaign, we need want to be sure they are delivered promptly and trackable. Therefore ALL Extras are shipped FedEx Ground at a fixed discount cost of $9.50 regardless of the amount of Extras you request.

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