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The “Zander Effect”

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While recently looking at some of the mortgage marketing ideas that we’ve either developed or have seen some of our sharper clients come up with over the years, I noticed that one of them has been promoted to Exodus infamy. It is known as the Zander Effect. The Zander Effect is a marketing idea that has worked so well that we now introduce it to new customers all the time. Not everyone will be able to take advantage of the Zander Effect exactly the way Josh Mettle did but the concept is easily transferred to different circumstances. We’ve got lots of Loan Officers and Realtors that have taken the advice straight to success.

Let’s take a look at the Zander Effect

I’ve had several conversations with Josh over the years. He’s a very resourceful individual and very successful as one might imagine. Early on, maybe a little less than a year into his tenure with us, he started a family with his wife, Hillary. We display one of his newsletters on our mortgage marketing samples page. He always had a photo on the back of his newsletter that had him, his wife, and their dog with the caption underneath that says Josh Mettle and Family. One day he submitted a photo of his wife’s ultrasound of his soon-to-arrive son, Zander. The headline on the front page of his newsletter’s main article read in bold “Changes Ahead” and went on to talk about the coming birth of a child, so on and so forth. He continued to open each newsletter with what he, his wife, Hillary, and his son, Zander, were up to, whether they were visiting Seattle or at Disneyland as well as a myriad of other things he felt he wanted to share with his client base.

I called Josh shortly after seeing the effects and complimented him on his brilliant marketing approach. I told him we refer to it around here as the “Zander Effect.”

See The Zander Effect Newsletter Here front and back page

Mortgage Marketing Ideas - The Zander Effect

Josh said, “I never designed it that way, although I’d love to take full credit for it.” He went on to say that since he started chronicling the birth and life of Zander, featuring photos of him as he grew and then sharing these experiences with his past clients on his newsletters, his phone hasn’t stopped ringing. He says the first thing everyone asks is, “How’s Zander doing?” One client of his claimed that he really couldn’t go anywhere else for a mortgage related issue because the client now viewed Josh and his family as his own family.

You, dear Reader, need to develop this concept and communicate this approach in your marketing and this is only one of many good mortgage marketing ideas that you can benefit from.

When I last spoke with Josh, I took notes and on the bottom of that piece of paper is scribbled these words: “Share yourself, share your knowledge, become family.” A mortgage marketing breakthrough? I thought so then and I still think so now.

Everyone sees the mortgage marketing and the world of lender marketing differently. Some people view their newsletter or the idea of a newsletter as old fashioned or out of date. NONSENSE. None of our clients who see continued success feel that way, but since each viewpoint is different, ask yourself this question: Is your loan officer marketing bringing you in one to three new files with every 150 clients you have in your database every 30 to 45 days? Are your efforts less fruitful than you’d like? If so, why do you think that is? Are you lacking some fresh mortgage marketing ideas? Take a few minutes now and invest in your company’s referral marketing by scheduling a free Marketing Needs Assessment. It’s completely free and will give us the opportunity to not only introduce you to who we are, but also perhaps answer some questions and dispense with some misconceptions about mortgage marketing newsletters that you may have developed over time. Use the form below to schedule your free assessment.