mortgage marketing with laser focus

How to Focus Your Marketing Like a Laser

Most mortgage and real estate professionals are well aware of the importance of marketing their products and services in order to grow their business or to just stay alive in today’s challenging marketplace. Because most mortgage and real estate professionals lack a degree in marketing – lack a fundamental understanding of what mortgage marketing is and how it works – the result is often a scattershot marketing approach that seldom delivers the needed or expected results. The scattershot approach – let’s try a little of everything and hope for the best – is the direct opposite of a focused mortgage marketing strategy. The scattershot marketing strategy appears desperate and is usually lacking in the knowledge needed to successfully apply a sound, tested, mortgage marketing strategy that delivers exactly what you are expecting it to deliver – more business!

Exodus Marketing has been helping lenders with their loan officer marketing and real estate professionals for nearly a decade. Years of in-house mortgage marketing research and testing have repeatedly demonstrated that the most effective mortgage marketing tool designed for mortgage and real estate professionals is the simple printed newsletter. Television, radio, and billboards are too expensive. Why pay to market to everyone when you don’t have to? Email marketing is perceived by most as containing little to no real value. Social network marketing via Facebook® or MySpace® is considered too recreational. People simply don’t look for homes and loans on Facebook®.  Calendar and refrigerator magnet marketing is seen by many as reasonably effective, but there are much more effective and cost efficient means available out there.

A 4-page monthly mortgage marketing newsletter containing free valuable information related to your clients’ single most important investment – their home – is the secret key. Glossy, full color newsletters are non-invasive. The information provided is education-based. And, most importantly, you are reaching and targeting the very people who you need to target: People who you have done business with before. …People who you have helped in the past and who are completely open to your message for that same reason. With a monthly, professionally produced mortgage marketing newsletter your marketing is finally focused like a laser.

The team at Exodus Marketing produces most of the newsletter for you. You are provided with a few areas on the newsletter that you can change for free every month. That area is ample enough to contain a personal message straight from you, the mortgage or real estate professional. In crafting that brief message each month, we at Exodus suggest strongly that you simply strive to share your knowledge, share yourself, and become family. By doing this, your clients will come to know you. And as they come to know you, they will come to trust you even more. As a result, those trusting clients will refer you to their family, friends, and colleagues.

With monthly mortgage newsletters you can focus your marketing and reap the benefits that will surely result. You can also take a deeper look into what you’ve been doing and figure out what works as well as what to avoid by doing a free Marketing Needs Assessment. You can schedule an assessment by contacting us today.