mortgage marketing toolsMortgage Marketing Tools That Work

What are the mortgage marketing tools in your toolbox?

When we speak of mortgage marketing tools, we’re not talking about software packages, CRMs, or nifty gimmicks. Not everybody sees the value in having the right tools and while we can help you sharpen the tools in your tool box, there are a very small percentage of individuals who just don’t have the tools that are necessary. We can easily find out with a free marketing needs assessment.


So let’s look at some of those tools. You may be surprised to find that these tools are not a tangible item you can pick up and look at. One of the stronger tools in your marketing tool box is your personality. How can that be, you ask? Well, it’s simple, the loan process isn’t easy. Each individual handles stress and problem-solving differently.

If you are generally good to work with, there will be a point where you can see in your client’s facial expressions, if not from outright words, that they appreciate all you are doing. This is a sign that you have developed a good working relationship. This tool is in two parts really: part one, your work garners this type of reaction; part two, you recognize it when it happens and it always happens!

Another tool in your tool box is your willingness to take responsibility. Allow me to explain: Suppose the deal couldn’t get funded. While the reason and details for this is not pertinent to this discussion, if you take responsibility for the failure to fund, in even the smallest of ways, this client will come back to you because they know you care. If you really don’t care…well, that’s another conversation. But suffice it to say, humility and empathy are very effective when combined with confidence and knowledge. People like this.

One of the strongest tools you have in this collection of mortgage marketing tools is going to be the relationship that you’ve developed during the loan process. You’ll develop one with each and every client that you work with. Like it or not, you’ve seen more in these individuals than they are willing to show about themselves to others. There’s an enormous amount of power that the Loan Office has. Some don’t see it, some do, but it’s there. Even if the borrower knows that the Underwriter plays a major role, using technology and the credit bureaus, they still look to you to get the deal funded. They rely on you, they trust you, and for their own good, they’re rooting for you. READ THIS CAREFULLY: If you are not concerned about how to maintain a connection after the deal is done or after the deal doesn’t fund, then you are missing the biggest opportunity to create a customer for life and an ambassador for you and your business that will pay referral dividends for years to come.

By focusing on these areas and, in many cases, subconsciously just by virtue of being aware of them, can mean the difference between a set of mortgage marketing tools that work or a bag of gimmicks that actually destroy the relationship between you and your client base.

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