Mortgage Marketing 101: Succeed in the Mortgage Arena

Successful mortgage marketing and how to do it right!

the ladder of successful mortgage marketingTo experience and enjoy successful mortgage marketing, you should be Interested in learning the SECRET to not only surviving in the mortgage arena, but thriving in it? Turn ineffective mortgage marketing into successful mortgage marketing. Remember, the approach you use is the key to your success.

Other than a Proctologist or the IRS, there’s probably nothing more intrusive than the expelling of large amounts of personal information necessary to get a mortgage or a refi. The Loan Officer’s arms are elbow deep in the underwear drawer of the client’s financial picture and when all the work is done, any marketing the client does get is typically cold, boxed, canned, recycled or just wonky and boring. Successful mortgage marketing is much easier. The content for it is in plentiful supply and you don’t have to go anywhere to get it.

The Problem: The Loan Officer, left to their own devices, will start to lean towards credibility and words that make them sound credible. It’s a natural thing to want to sound and, more importantly, BE credible. After all, your past client already knows you can get the job done and knows how you handle them when dealing with such issues. It’s not necessary to try and prove that you have home finance acumen. You’ve already done work for them. This leaves the Loan Officer with a problem: what to communicate to your client to maintain your relationship?

The Solution: You offer your clients free, valuable information. This is your reason for contacting them through direct marketing means, but you must also share yourself, share your knowledge and become family. If you are coaching little league, tell them about it; if you are an angler, then tell them about it; if you build houses for Habitat for Humanity, then share that; if your office is a toy drop-off for Toys for Tots then let your clients know through your newsletter when to bring by toys and goods. Always include your photo, and change the photos on your newsletter. It doesn’t take much time. Your client base will love it and we’ve got pages and pages of testimonials from Exodus clients that would never NOT do a newsletter.

It’s What We Do: We help you succeed with what we consider the best and most successful mortgage marketing available. We produce high-quality, personalized mortgage marketing materials (in this case, full-color, glossy, 4-page newsletters) that are designed to keep you connected to your most valuable clients.

The choice to succeed or fail is completely up to you. Make the right choice today. Call us to find out more.


(Next time we’ll share the SECRET of why mortgage marketing newsletters work and why other forms of mortgage marketing do not. It’s all about staying connected by using the most valuable tool in your toolbox.)