Mortgage Marketing and the holidays

November brings in the Norelco commercials with Santa riding the electric razor (do they still have those?) that I used to watch on TV when I was a kid, and soon after that the holidays were here. The coming Thanksgiving holiday, being the first holiday of the winter season, got me to thinking: lots of people send out Thanksgiving cards, but very few of those cards ever seem to have something that really seems to be genuine. Maybe that’s a wide generalization of Thanksgiving as a holiday, but I’ve seen this year after year.

What I find to be the most troublesome is that people are not willing or they don’t think to share themselves with their client base, but rather send out pre-written, good-will sayings that are expected for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since the messages are clearly canned, very little gets read, no emotion felt and they get tossed away. Connection lost!

The mantra here at Exodus is SHARE YOURSELF, SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND BECOME FAMILY! This is the crucial concept, so when you sit down to show appreciation to your clients, consider where you’d be without the people that not only use your services, but put their trust and confidence in you on regular and even not so regular intervals.

If you are part of a charity, explain it. If you are passionate about something, talk about it. If you’ve had a life-changing experience or played a role in making someone’s American Dream a reality, talk about it. Put it in your newsletter. Don’t hype yourself up because you’re the hero, but talk about how it affected you. This is what people want to read about because they aren’t interested in wonky industry reports and interest rates. The newsletters have enough general industry information. The personalized areas of the newsletter are NOT for wonky, boring industry graphs and figures. There’s such a penchant to sound professional using words and phrases that take away from the very thing that makes people want to be part of your success.

I’ve written about it and talked about it often: YOU ARE NOT YOUR CUSTOMER and your customers don’t think like you do, so when you put canned information on your newsletter when you personalize it, you are weakening the connection that keeps your customers YOUR CUSTOMERS. I complain about set-it-and-forget-it programs all the time and for good reason. If you don’t spend a few minutes each month trying to really communicate with your client base, you are leaving them open to someone else’s attempts of breaking the connection you should be protecting.

Your past client should be the ambassador for you and your business. A phony holiday greeting in email and only during the holidays, a canned story, and a litany of stock market and farm report figures aren’t enough for that ambassadorship to become a reality. This type of “communication” that you may think is mortgage marketing relegates your efforts to a mere flyer or, heaven forbid, an advertisement.

Take care to actually give thanks this season and do your best to share yourself, share your knowledge and become family to your clients. It’s not always easy and that’s why we have the content help service. It’s completely free and we freely offer it to keep you from falling into the trap of just saying anything, regardless of its impact. Don’t take your marketing message for granted; you aren’t selling shoes or sandwiches; you are maintaining a relationship that can only be a benefit to you and the lives of the people you’ve worked with. Doing anything else is to devalue your efforts for future referrals and transactions.

Ask me about Brian Winking and I’ll tell you where he dropped the ball. Or take a few minutes to do a complete survey of your marketing and the worldview of it you have. You may be surprised to find that a simple change to your thinking will improve the overall success of what you’re doing. We can carve out 20 minutes to do a free Marketing Needs Assessment. We’ll figure out what you’re doing right and remove what you’re doing wrong. Click HERE and fill out the form to learn more!