The Buyer’s Journey – What is it and why does it matter?

In Both Mortgage Marketing and Real Estate Marketing, the buyer’s journey needs to be understood.

Especially when you’re marketing to past clients. At Exodus Marketing, the past client is the focus. Referrals don’t come from those who you haven’t worked with or don’t know you. The long hanging fruit is from past clients and everyone knows that it’s 8 times MORE expensive to get new business from people who don’t know you vs. those who do. To make the point simple, here’s a quick vid on what the buyer’s journey is.

The Buyer's Journey - What Is It? Both Mortgage Marketing and Real Estate Marketing need this understanding




In the video, the explaination is straight forward. You don’t want to market to past clients with content that’s of no interest to them. This happens all the time and marketing fails for that reason as well as others. Facebook, for example, is interruptive marketing. Are you familiar with that? It’s when you put your ads in front of people that are doing other things like scrolling Facebook. You are interrupting their infinite scrolling, their recreational attention span. As we describe in much more detail in our webinars, the infinite scrolling model was the defacto online marketing base. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as examples, scroll on infinitely, and the dopamine rush keeps us scrolling. As Ron Burgandy says, “It’s science”

While marketing past clients for referrals is relatively easy, there’s still a lot of confusion on the subject. Exodus clients aren’t confused about it any longer and you shouldn’t be either.