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Exodus Marketing IS mortgage referrals!Exodus Marketing has a single focus and dedicated staff to reach the goals of the sphere of influence marketing needs of loan officers in all markets in the US. Whether it’s mortgage referrals or realtor referrals, the concepts of our newsletter marketing strategy are proven effective month after month, year after year. There are other mortgage flyers out there that are just ink-on-paper. The Exodus newsletter gives you the platform to Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge, and Become Family. We not only provide the platform but help you use it. This is the success of Exodus Market however, our success is meaningless without your success!

There’s a misunderstanding of how to market to past clients and many try all the retail angles without realizing that there are components missing. Here’s an example. You live in a house, you’re a loan officer and there are people that own their homes all around you. Unless you’ve done the loans for all your neighbors, can you just knock on their door and get their financial loyalty? Of course not. If I were to ask you why? The answers might vary but they’ll all point to the same hurdle. You don’t have a relationship with them. If you actually did handle their loan, refi, etc, then you would. If you started a friendship with a neighbor (mileage may vary) then your chances of doing their refi, next home purchase, or getting referrals from them would change, right? I hope so! Now, do all of your clients live in your neighborhood?

This is why you need to be doing a newsletter. Sharing yourself with your client base is what friends do. Someone you’ve helped to make the biggest purchase of their lives should be an ambassador for you AND your business and just handling their loan simply isn’t enough. The newsletter gives you the opportunity to be part of your past client’s life in a real way and the results we see with the way we produce the newsletters bear this out to all of our clients. We don’t have any clients that spend marketing dollars with us to lose money. The tragedy is, 100% of the industry doesn’t use our newsletters and we’re working to change that. However, 100% of our clients are successful with them.