Lender Marketing – What Is It?

Lender Marketing, What Is It?

Lender Marketing six of one half dozen of another

With lender marketing we have the same things as “mortgage marketing” or “loan officer marketing” They are a few out of a bucketful of names for the same thing. But what do they all really mean?

There’s lots of products and programs out there to buy or sign up for on subscription type plans. Some will want to teach you how to be motivated or how you can speak in such a way that Realtors will zombie walk into your office and fill the desk with files. Some serve up mediation or promise that they have the secret to success based on factors like congressional connections. Then there’s some direct competitors of Exodus that will swear that if you just let them do all the work for you, your life will be easy… Nothing to see here, move along, “…we’ll handle your messaging” “Your clients will never no the difference.” “We’ll do all they work…”

This is not what lender marketing is, it’s never going to be successful on any long term scale. Lender marketing relationship marketing. Now we could go deep into email marketing and marketing automation but the average loan officer or Realtor doesn’t have the mailing list or the budget to do a real lead nurturing marketing automation campaign. Lender marketing starts with the recognition of a few things that in many cases are hard to bear for some. Possibly because much money and resource has been spent on things that you were told lender marketing is and you just can’t see letting that mistake go. Let it go, we’ll get to why soon but in the meantime here’s what you should be clear on.

Lender Marketing requires that you:

  • Realize that you are not your customer
  • Your past client or “closed loan” is NOT a borrower anymore
  • It’s not necessary to prove you are a professional in everything you send out
  • Understand that your client base doesn’t see the industry the way you do
  • Your sphere of influence is far more valuable than you realize
  • Your sphere of influence wants to see you succeed
  • Your sphere of influence are part of the human condition

When we take you through the Free Marketing Needs Assessment we cover these items and a few more. They’re not complicated but the majority of Loan Officers are flooded with lender marketing tricks and gimmicks and fail to realize that when a CRM company tries to sell them a wonderful data management package, the lender marketing portion is an added value bonus buzz word that they:

  1. Are not versed in
  2. Won’t be following through on (in most cases)

Data management is a great thing but if it’s used in conjunction with messaging that doesn’t relate to your client it fails as a marketing process.

Lender marketing starts with relationship, the means by which you maintain that relationship are very simple.

  • Communicate with your client base on regular intervals
  • Remember that the relationship you started to develop during the process is real
  • Remember that a past client doesn’t see the industry the way you do
  • Remember that a past client can’t take advantage of all the new programs coming out
  • Remember that your past client already knows you’re a professional
  • REMEMBER! Share yourself, Share your knowledge, Become family

That’s lender marketing

Mentioned earlier is the Free Marketing Needs Assessment and we do cover these concepts and show you how it all works. It’s really quite simple. Schedule your Assessment today!