Mortgage Marketing 101: Plug Into the Power of Relationship Marketing

the power of relationship marketingRemember, it’s not just the valuable articles that the mortgage marketing newsletters deliver month after month. By personalizing your newsletter, your doing relationship marketing. Loans aren’t impulse purchases like retail items can be and, therefore, you aren’t really selling a product with your marketing. You’re selling yourself, but the only way to do that with a non-impulse, high-ticket item is through relationship marketing. Most of our clients communicate something different to their customers every single month, while others, against better counsel, do so less frequently, choosing to let the changing, monthly articles do most of the work for them. Remember that real relationship means real communication. At Exodus Marketing we recommend that you change your personal message every month. Its been proven time and time again. Those individuals who share themselves, share their knowledge and become family do infinitely better than those who don’t. Their lender marketing brings results monthly and we see their mailing lists grow continually and proportionally.

We provide generous space on both the front and back of the newsletters to build an informal but personal relationship through the sharing of family, experiences, day-to-day life, interesting anecdotes, as well as changes occurring within the industry. Some use the space to relate what’s happening in their children’s lives like they would if they were writing a letter to friends and family. Others choose a more formal, hard-business approach and simply offer valuable insight into the ever-changing mortgage industry, the current economy, or perhaps offer valuable financial advice on how their clients, for example, can benefit from a new mortgage program.

On the other hand, some choose to avoid offering any specific financial advice at all. Instead, they choose to share family recipes and humorous tidbits of information covering every topic from short how-to articles to basic fun trivia. The kind of relationship you choose to build with your clients is completely up to you. Our only recommendation is that the approach you choose should attempt to maintain and build a personal relationship. Strive to share yourself, share your knowledge, and become family. It is the key to your success!

So, are you the kind of person who exhibits a more informal business style who doesn’t blink when it comes to announcing a new birth in your family or proudly sharing photos of grandchildren or sharing stories about your last vacation or newest hobby? Or does your particular style take the form of a more formal nature and only touch upon the subject at hand – the subject that you believe your clients are most interested in: How to save them money when it comes to their mortgage?

Whichever approach you choose to stay connected to your clients (be it more formal, informal or maybe a powerful combination of the two) isn’t really THE point, though. THE point is that you ARE keeping in touch – no matter how you decide to do so. …You are building and maintaining a positive, value-based relationship with your clients, and people who will benefit by having you in their corner, their financial inside connection, and, therefore, not lose them to those companies who are spending millions of dollars in TV, radio, and print advertising to lure clients away from you. And common sense dictates that business, any business, built upon personal relationships will always be seen as more valuable.

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