Lender Marketing Tools

I often say, “Don’t wait for Aunt Matilda to move out” and here’s why? Awareness of it is a lender marketing tool or habit you don’t want to get caught up in

Lender Marketing tools

Most of us put things off until other circumstances are just right. When I was a young and enthusiastic sales person, I learned something from the legendary Zig Ziglar. I used to love his cassette tapes and I’d go through them often. I’d listen in my car on my way to and from work, at home getting ready for work in the morning, etc. To this day, I can recite many of his tales of motivational gold. Stories like Howard Hill the Archer and the Three Kinds of Motivation from See You At The Top. When it comes to lender marketing tools to be equiped with this knowledge of the following anecdote is of great value.

Zig uses Aunt Matilda a little something like this…

“When are you going to get done that you need to get done?”
“Since it’s Springtime and Aunt Matilda is still here, I’ll wait for Aunt Matilda to move out.”
“Tax time is just over but it’s almost summer, so let’s wait until after summer…”
“Summer is almost over and the kids are going back to school, so let’s wait until after school starts…”
“Thanksgiving is here, so let’s wait until after Thanksgiving…”
“Well, it’s the holidays, let’s wait until after the New Year, YEAH! We’ll start a fresh new year…!”
“Well, it’s almost spring and you know tax time is coming up and…”

And before you know it another year has gone by. Now I can make some statement to level out and lessen the blow of such a monumental waste. You know, kind of spread the responsibility around to justify a foolish notion that if everyone does it, then it’s really not that bad, right? WRONG! That’s the difference between the winners and the losers. The losers have potential to do what the winners do, but they wait for Aunt Matilda to move out.

Bottom line, don’t wait for Aunt Matilda to move out. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could accomplish now!

When we consider lender marketing tools and their impact on production, it’s sometimes a little bit of confusing issue, having to use words or descriptions like lender marketing tools say for example to optimize text on a webpage or post but these habits can be called tools, “lender marketing tools” or “mortgage marketing tools” etc.

There’s more to getting things done than just doing things in a hurry with no direction. This tends to make us want to seek out help. The problem is, that help is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing and time, money and resources get spent on things that don’t really work. This is why it’s important to really understand the unique characteristics of marketing for the Loan Originator and Realtor.

If your marketing has suffered in the midst of good intentions, take a few minutes and assess what your marketing goals really are, who you’re trying to generate business from, and focus squarely on how best to accomplish that goal. The first step in doing that is scheduling a FREE Marketing Needs Assessment with us. You’ll spend about 20 minutes going through what you’ve been doing and we’ll show you exactly why it hasn’t worked. Real estate marketing is not that much different, but the client’s target is moving a little more than the loan officer with showings, open houses, and what have you, but the concepts of how to do it are the same.