Mortgage Marketing Newsletters

mortgage marketing newsletters build loyaltyWhy Mortgage Marketing newsletters? Direct marketing is our thing here at Exodus. We have seen more marketing success for loan officers and real estate agents than any other medium. The type of high-ticket value in a home purchase or even a refinance means that someone isn’t going to do them as often. How often does someone buy a boat? Not very often, unless they broker boat sales, but that’s a different paint job altogether. Postcards have a low perceived value because of the limited space available. To deliver anything of real value, you need space and mortgage marketing newsletters provide that space.  Email campaigns are notoriously viewed as containing even lower perceived value and, like the postcards, will often be trashed or deleted immediately. Truthfully (and with all due respect) people don’t come home and passionately read the latest email from their loan officer from 8 months ago or, for that matter, 2 months ago. It’s true, the open rates for loan officer emails after the fact are very low. It’s not because you aren’t loved, it’s because what’s typically discussed isn’t in the realm of recreation where email communications thrive the most. Mortgage marketing newsletters, on the other hand, have a higher perceived value because they are seen physically as something of higher value, something given from you to them, and they provide a platform that lets you really talk with your sphere — to essentially Share Yourself, Share Your Knowledge and Become Family. This is vitally important.

Not all mortgage marketing newsletters are alike

Some people see a newsletter like a flyer. Believe me, mortgage marketing flyers are NOT mortgage marketing newsletters. While often misconstrued for a newsletter, a flyer is more like an announcement piece. A postcard is often used like a flyer, but shaped like a postcard. A newsletter, on the other hand, is filled with relevant information pertaining to a particular subject. Something a flyer also lacks is any notion of conveyance of personal or anecdotal content. You wouldn’t use a flyer to discuss a charity your Loan Brokerage supports and ask folks to come donate to.

Not all mortgage marketing newsletter companies are alike

Pardon our bias here, but we also look into what our competitors are doing and we do this on purpose. We knew that the competition would continue to present their mortgage marketing newsletters in a way that would offer convenience for convenience sake. We also knew that part of that perceived convenience would entail convincing unsuspecting Loan Officers that they had no obligation to be involved in the actual message shared in each issue. This is nonsense and also a big mistake.

The fact of the matter is, a well written and produced mortgage marketing newsletter will turn past clients into ambassadors for your business over a lifetime. This happens by NOT treating it like a flyer, and not pushing the protagonist to the dugout without participation in what’s being said in your best interest. In regards to your business and its image and reputation, the Exodus mortgage newsletters have more space for your personal message than any other newsletter available in the industry. We encourage ALL of our clients nationwide to be involved with the process. This is how you share yourself, share your knowledge and become family. This is the essence of what makes OUR mortgage newsletters work as well as they do and the core of why Exodus Marketing is a far better choice for solid, continued market share growth.

There’s plenty of information and perspective to share when it comes to mortgage and lender marketing. It’s a good idea to understand what areas of your marketing can use a boost and which things to avoid that just don’t work. Our experts will share these insights with you as they pertain to your actual business rather than a perceived one-size-fits-all approach. Schedule the free Marketing Needs Assessment and we’ll show you what works, what doesn’t, and why. It’ll be the best 20 minutes you spend on your company ever! Click here or use the handy form below.