Mortgage Postcards And What They Convey

Why mortgage postcards aren’t the best choice

Mortgage Postcards - what do they convey?

When it comes to crafting your marketing message, mortgage postcards can be detrimental to your credibility. It is precisely for this reason that we don’t produce mortgage postcards or real estate post cards. We’ve had clients ask us to produce something for brief announcements, however, a marketing campaign of postcards is a trip straight to the “round” file for your message and rightfully so! To your most valued clients, a message or communication from you to them is essential.

It’s impossible to meet with all your past clients on regular intervals and mortgage postcards give absolutely no space to convey real communication on any particular subject. If you are sending out a special announcement, an invitation, or a warning you could get away with a mortgage postcard.

But a monthly mortgage newsletter is the answer! As a mortgage marketing company, we can use any manner of marketing strategy to help our clients earn more business and make more money. This is the precise role of Exodus Marketing. If postcards were the answer, we’d sell them. We elect to have a core focus on what works best from all the options and focus solely on that. The purpose for a postcard is a quick hello from a post somewhere around the world. Postcards are sold at airports, train stations and ports of call for exactly this purpose. When you take your communication and relegate it to a postcard you devalue the message and your professional image. You won’t see postcards on the menu here at Exodus because lender marketing and real estate marketing do not benefit from mortgage or real estate postcards.

Sometimes even folks who see the value in the newsletter will neglect the available space for personalization, thus relegating the newsletter to a mortgage flyer or mortgage postcard. Clients will ask if we can just throw in an article that will fill the space needed. What a lost opportunity! We have a solution for this, so this never needs to happen. Take advantage of the “Content Help Service” and feel free to schedule the interview if you are short on ideas. It works great and it’s FREE! Spending the 20 minutes needed to personalize your newsletter gives you these benefits that a mortgage postcard never will.

Doing a newsletter vs. a mortgage postcard allows you to:

  • Present yourself to your clients as someone they can relate to
  • Present yourself as someone they can trust because they know you personally
  • Spotlight your honesty and trustworthiness
  • Show that you have a family that you care about just like they do
  • And more!

How do they know these things? Because you share it with them. Sharing a small piece of yourself should comprise the first few sentences of your message — maybe the first paragraph. The second paragraph could be comprised of something of educational value or a lesson learned — maybe a personal experience worth sharing. You can tell them something or teach them something they don’t know about their mortgage and your lessons learned from it. The possibilities are endless, but the rewards for this type of messaging are golden. This simply CANNOT be done on a postcard.

If you want to market to your clients without injecting yourself into the process, you’ll never capture from your marketing what it is you really want, which is more business. If you, the flesh-and-blood person, are not part of the process, then who is? Relationships are the foundation of all rational business. If you are not building personal relationships with your most valued clients, then you are not conducting business. It’s as simple as that. If you have a sphere of influence, then you need to communicate to that sphere on a personal level! You need to share yourself as you would want others to share themselves with you. You need to share your knowledge as you’d want others to share their knowledge with you. THIS IS THE POINT! If you aren’t willing to do these two simple things (share yourself, share your knowledge), then your marketing will be just like your competitor’s across the street: nothing more than disingenuous, phony “content” that transparently shows that all you want to do is sell them something. Most of us spend our days avoiding traps like that.

People need more than that. People want to believe that you will help them with something they barely understand — which is the most important investment they will probably ever make — their house — their piece of the American Dream. People want to trust that you will look out for their best interests. Will you? And can you convince them of that? The easiest way to do that is to share yourself and share your knowledge.

We know that people see the world differently, and for different reasons this is why we offer a free Marketing Needs Assessment. This will allow us to get a little more insight as to what you’ve been doing and what to avoid in order to make your marketing successful. The assessment takes about 20 minutes and it will be the best 20 minutes you invest in the future of your mortgage marketing endeavors. Use the form below to schedule your assessment today!