What do your mortgage clients wantMortgage Marketing — Discover What People Want

Mortgage Marketing is not difficult; you simply must ‘hit the right notes’ and allow others to open up to you. It’s a well-known fact that the philosophy of networking is all about “giving,” but how do you give people what they really want?

With lender marketing, the act of giving can come in many different forms, but it’s primarily about providing the other person with value of some kind — be it finding for them or financing for them their “dream house” with great costumer service. But after that, it comes in a completely different form which is far more than just giving great advice or being completely honest about your products and services. These are all things of value that a person may want, but consider how much the terms “product” and “service” interests you unless you are actually looking?

The saying goes – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Sometimes you really want to give to and help others, and you act upon it with deep intentions, but underneath it all you really want to help yourself in the form of growing your business and, without realizing it, you don’t give the person what he or she really wants and/or needs. You end up missing the target that may even result in a past client innocently drifting away from the potential business they should be bringing you.

So how can you know what people want? Do you need special powers to do so?

Not at all! There are ways to find out what people really want.

Finding out what people want

No, I am not going to teach you how to use telepathy to get into people’s minds at a client meeting. The thing to remember is at its core the common denominator is that we’re all human with feelings, emotions, etc., but, most importantly, we all have needs. It’s the needs that make us different and the focus should be on our commonality.

If it’s the magic answer you seek in regards to what people want, it’s as simple as looking in the mirror. The biggest hurdle we face as a marketing company that helps loan officers and real estate agents increase their market share and revenue is changing the paradigm that YOU ARE NOT YOUR CLIENT, and while there are many similarities between all of us as people, what sets you apart is what you do that they can’t do. For some reason, this leads the LO or agent to think that just providing market info is the only course of action needed. If you talk game stats to a non-sports-oriented person they feel rejected and may even become resentful. THIS IS A FACT! If what makes you different, or special, or successful isn’t really in the client’s interest, then how can it be of value to use marketing content that does only that? And especially to people you’ve worked with in the past. It’s ludicrous. This is a big subject and an entire book can be written on it, but since time is always of the essence, and If you really want more insight into how it all works, it’s best to give us a call and talk to us directly about some of these concepts. It’s a lot easier to hear than it is to read about.

How to avoid what you may be doing, which is pushing yourself away from the very thing you were trying to accomplish, and all with good intentions. It doesn’t really have to be a “road to hell” that’s paved with good intentions and many make it that way unnecessarily.